Clinic Sessions C

Clinic Sessions C

Saturday, March 3 | 2-3:15 p.m.

Board Members & Constituents: The Ethical Edge 
C1 | (Repeated as A1, B1) | Level I required topic Ethics
Meets mandated ethics training requirement
Handling constituent requests can be a simple matter – or a much tougher call, often involving ethical choices for the elected board member. This class is based on more than two decades of observing and counseling board members with some often dicey situations for “servant leaders.”

Capital Funds
C2 |Level III required topic School Finance 
Counts toward mandated finance training requirement
How are funds  generated for Building Fund and Capital Outlay Fund, and what are the restrictions that are applied to these funds? Learn the details in this session, which also provides an overview of the capital funds request form and how to use these funds for operating expenses. Also covered are bonding capacity and issuing bonds.

Success with SPGES 
C3 | (Repeated as E2) | Level II required topic Superintendent Evaluation
Meets mandated superintendent evaluation training requirement
This session, designed for experienced board members, focuses on effectively using the Superintendent Professional Growth and Effectiveness System for district improvements. It covers the board’s role in using SPGES to positively effect change and includes scenarios of success stories, along with examples of how the evaluation process improved board/superintendent relations and how growth plans positively impacted the district.  

An Introduction to Kentucky’s Charter School Laws
Public charter schools became a reality in Kentucky when House Bill 520 went into effect on June 29, 2017. That bill as well as the four regulations recently promulgated by the Kentucky Department of Education constitute the legal framework governing charter schools. This session provides an overview of applicable laws and explores next steps for school boards.

Annual Financial Audit
C5 | Level III required topic School Finance 
Counts toward mandated finance training requirement
School district staff may be involved with various types of audits throughout the year. The Kentucky Department of Education may audit attendance, transportation or testing; the federal government may audit any of its education programs. But the school board is responsible for choosing an auditor. Participants learn about the process, the timeline and specific responsibilities regarding the audit.

Equity and the Role of Leadership
C6 | A/S Level I required topic The Board’s Role in Student Achievement
One of the most salient factors for student achievement in a school district is effective leadership. But effective leadership without equitable policies and practices can limit student achievement. This session examines education equity and cultural competency and how these concepts impact teaching and learning. The presenter also provides strategies to develop equity policies at the school board level. 

Open Meetings Act
C7 | A/S Level III required topic Legal Issues 
This session covers Open Meetings Act basics along with recent OMA decisions from the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General and the courts to enable school board members and school leaders to have greater confidence that their meeting activities meet OMA requirements.

Stretching Your Arts Budget – Using Local Resources
School districts have many opportunities to expand arts experiences right in their own communities. Local artists and artist organizations have resources and are willing to share. Making connections to individuals and groups through networking at home and civic organizations will yield results that make a difference.

Creating a Successful Meeting
C9 | A/S Level II required topic Leading Effective Meetings: A Board’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure
This session reviews the basic rules of parliamentary procedure as it relates to board meetings. It provides a review of commonly used motions, strategies, and board policies in implementing procedure to ensure effective outcomes.

Legislative Update
C10 | A/S Level III required topic Legislative Issues
The 2018 Regular Session of the General Assembly will be in the homestretch by the time we meet in Annual Conference. In this session, Eric Kennedy, director of Governmental Relations for KSBA, updates board members on the status of key legislation affecting them, their students, and public education in our Commonwealth.

School Safety and Security – Overview of Common Concerns in Kentucky Schools 
C11 | A/S Level II required topic School Safety and Discipline
The Kentucky Center for School Safety has conducted safety/security assessments in over 1,000 schools in Kentucky since 2002. As a result of those assessments, common concerns have emerged. This session provides an overview of those areas and suggestions for addressing safety and security concerns.

A Deeper Look at Social Media & Schools
C12 | A/S Level I required topic Staff/Media/Community Relations
Love it or hate it, social media are no longer a take-it or leave-it option for public school leaders. This class explores decisions leaders must make for regular and crisis-related use of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.
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