Clinic Sessions D

Clinic Sessions D

Saturday, March 3 | 3:30-4:45 p.m.

The Biggest Piece of the Budget Pie: Salaries & Benefits 
D1 (Repeated as B2) | Level III required topic School Finance 
Counts toward mandated finance training requirement
State laws and local board policies call for Kentucky school boards to set the qualifications, duties and compensation for all school district employees. This session helps board members better understand the budget impact of salaries and benefits, salary schedules, staff funding sources, types of salary schedules, additional staff pay, and  benefits for both certified and classified staff.

Financial Audit Recommendations for Effective School Boards 
D2 | Level III required topic School Finance | Counts toward mandated finance training requirement
Based on the findings of 21 school district audits, the state auditor’s office devised recommendations to help school districts become more efficient and effective in using taxpayers’ dollars. The recommendations are aimed at local boards of education, superintendents, management and school councils. This session focuses on the latest recommendations local school boards can use to ensure effective financial oversight.  

Essentials of Effective Evaluations   
D3 (Repeated as B3) | Level II required topic Superintendent Evaluation | Meets mandated superintendent evaluation training requirement
One of the most important responsibilities of Kentucky school board members is to hire and evaluate the district superintendent. Effective evaluation takes planning, preparation and board/superintendent team conversations. This session helps board members find answers to essential questions such as why, what and how, while exploring skills necessary to become effective evaluators in an effective process.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest in Board Service and Charter Authorizing
D4  (Repeated as E3) | Level I required topic Ethics | Meets mandated ethics training requirement
This session discusses financial conflicts of interest in general board service as well as those specific to charter authorizing. Statutory conflicts of interest that are unique to school board members are also covered, along with tips for avoiding perceived conflicts of interest in all aspects of board service, including conducting charter authorizer responsibilities.  

Construction – How to Get What You Want and Not Break the Bank
D5 | A/S Level II required topic Facilities
It's not every day that one gets to build a new house, much less a massive school building that will impact so many in the community. There are endless decisions to make, in which, some impact your district’s wallet while others impact the instructional learning and yet others just aesthetics. We will discuss Warren County’s process of collaboration and construction management that assists in ensuring the best facility for our kiddos. 

Books for Babies – Bringing the “Imagination Library” to your Community
By partnering with the non-profit Dolly Parton Foundation, Marion County Public Schools has started a program that will provide one book per month to each child, birth to 5 years old, in Marion County. Learn how districts can participate in this amazing program. Kaelin Reed, board vice chairman, Marion County Public Schools

Succession Planning – A Leader’s Legacy
D7 | A/S Level II required topic Employee Relationships/Board Personnel
Planning for leadership succession is one of the most important tasks of school leaders and board teams. Succession planning deserves the same discipline and thoroughness that fiscal management and governance do. The presenter facilitates a discussion on strategies to help districts develop an effective succession plan.

New Superintendent Training Program – What’s It All About?
New superintendents are required by law to go through a rigorous training period during the first year in a district. Find out what is involved in that process and how the school board is a partner during these first critical months. Janice O. Lantz, coordinator, Individualized Learning Plans, KASA  

At the PEAK of Success
Early learning and personalized learning: Innovations and collaborations in those areas won KSBA’s PEAK (Public Education Achieves in Kentucky) Award in 2017. Learn how Erlanger-Elsmere’s Independent Schools collaborated with the local community to expand early learning opportunities to improve kindergarten readiness, and get details on how five rural districts joined together to open the regional iLEAD Academy, which gives students personalized learning and opportunities to earn college credits.

Closing the Gap
D10 | A/S Level I required topic The Board’s Role in Student Achievement
The session focuses on the efforts of the KSBA to assist local school boards in using their role to help to close the achievement gap.  School boards can rally around this issue by providing support to the administrative team, as well as bringing the community into the conversations taking place within the district around this topic.

School District Goals: The Map for Success
D11 | A/S Level III required topic Leadership Through Teamwork
Board members are the leaders in their school district, so it’s critical for them to know where they – and the district – are headed.  Just as a cellphone or GPS is used for directions, district goals provide directions for decision making at the board table. This session explores the importance of setting board goals as well as how board teams can develop powerful goals to help them ensure success for all students.  

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