Important Deadlines for School Boards & Districts

Note: This list is not all inclusive. For a more extensive listing of administrative due dates click here.


Adopt a schedule of regular board meetings and make available to the public. KRS 61.820 Note: This is not a mandatory statutory deadline under the Open Meetings Act. Most school boards address establishing a regular meeting schedule in January, because new school board terms begin on the first Monday of that month.

The local board must examine, in an open meeting, detailed line item estimated revenues and proposed expenditures for the subsequent fiscal year on or before January 31. KRS 160.470(6)(a)

Board to hold advertised public forum to present plan to improve school nutrition and physical activities by January 31. KRS 158.856

Current administrators, certified staff, instructional assistants, office staff, coaches and extracurricular sponsors employed by the school district to complete child abuse recognition and reporting training by January 31, 2017 and every two years thereafter. Trainings to be maintained and approved by KDE and local board is to adopt one (1) or more from list. Same employees hired after January 31, 2017 to complete such training within ninety (90) days of hiring and every two years thereafter. KRS 156.095


Superintendent may begin to appoint employees for the coming school year any time after February 1. KRS 160.380(2)(a)


Each local board shall provide each school council notice of a tentative staffing and budget allocation for the coming fiscal year by March 1. 702 KAR 3:246 Section 2


Each local board shall provide each school council notice of an updated staffing and budget allocation for the coming fiscal year by May 1. 702 KAR 3:246 Section 2.

School calendar to be adopted on or before May 15. 702 KAR 7:140 Section 1

No later than May 15, the superintendent must present written notice of nonrenewal to each limited-contract certified employee whose contract will not be renewed for the following school year. KRS 161.750(2)

No later than May 15, the superintendent is to mail or provide written notice of nonrenewal to each classified employee whose contract will not be renewed for the following year. KRS 161.011

On or before May 30, each board must adopt a tentative working budget. KRS 160.470(6)(a)

Each local board shall provide a “Section 7” allocation to school councils by May 30. 702 KAR 3:246 Section 2

Note: See “other personnel dates”, below, for reductions in responsibility/corresponding reductions in pay and certified demotions, which must be done by May 15 or ninety days before the first attendance day, whichever is earliest.


Within 60 (sixty) days after the close of the fiscal year the district must publish the district’s complete annual financial statement. KRS 424.220 requires this statement to be published in a newspaper qualified under KRS 424.120. In addition, at the same time publication of financial statements is due (within 60 days after June 30) the district shall have available a factual list of individual salaries for public scrutiny and shall furnish the list by mail to a newspaper qualified under KRS 424.120. KRS 424.

Limited-contract teachers who were renewed for the coming school year are assumed to have accepted the contract unless they provide written notification to the superintendent indicating they do not accept employment on or before June 15. KRS 161.750(3)

School year and fiscal year end on June 30. KRS 158.050; KRS 160.450


New school year and fiscal year begin July 1. KRS 158.050; KRS 160.450

District to submit annual financial report to Department of Education, Division of School District Finance, by July 25. 702 KAR 3:110


Annual amendments to board of policies to be filed August 15. KRS 160.340(4)

Public meeting to acknowledge review of personal information data security practices, guidance, and implementation as stated in regulation to be held by August 31. 702 KAR 1:170 Section 3


Suicide awareness information to be disseminated to all middle and high school students by September 1. KRS 156.095 (6)(b)

Rank and experience of teachers to be determined and P.S.D. form to be completed on September 15. KRS 157.390(2)

For purposes of state salary schedule only as referenced in KRS 158.070, teacher’s rank shall be determined on September 15. KRS 161.1211(3)

Adjustments to staffing allocation to school councils due to increases or decreases in enrollment must be provided to councils by September 15. 702 KAR 3:246 Section 4(6)

Each board must submit to State Board of Education a working budget no later than September 30. KRS 160.470(6)(b); 702 KAR 3:110 Section 1


P.S.D. forms to be filed with the Department of Education prior to October 1 of each school year. 702 KAR 3:100

Board policy (05.23) adopted in compliance with KRS 160.325 calls for reporting of district energy program results for each fiscal year by October 1.


Within six months following end of fiscal year, finance office to submit detailed financial report to KDE which is to be posted on KDE and districts web site for a minimum of two years. KRS 160.431(4)

Other personnel dates

The superintendent must give notice to each teacher employed for the coming school year of the “best estimate” of the salary to be paid the teacher for that year. The notice must be provided no later than forty-five (45) days before the first student attendance day or June 15, whichever occurs earlier. KRS 161.760

A teacher who refuses assignment must notify the superintendent in writing no later than thirty (30) days before the first student attendance day. KRS 161.760(1)

Transfers or changes in appointment of teachers are limited to those grounds permitted by statute, if later than thirty (30) days before the first student attendance day. KRS 161.760(2)

The superintendent must provide written notification to extra duty certified employees or administrators with less than three (3) years’ experience who are to be demoted of a reduction in responsibility accompanied by a corresponding reduction in salary no later than ninety (90) days before the first student attendance day or May 15, whichever occurs earlier. KRS 161.760(3)

Administrators with greater than three (3) years’ experience should be notified of demotion under KRS 161.765 no later than ninety (90) days before the first student attendance day or May 15, whichever occurs earlier. KRS 161.765(2), KRS 161.760(3). If the administrator files a statement of intent to contest within ten (10) days of receipt of the notice of demotion, the detailed procedures set out in KRS 161.765 must be consulted.

And a few more: policy, practice and process

There are additional requirements and needs of local boards which require attention but are not pegged to a specific date. The following list will give board members and superintendents a few items to consider as they plan the year’s activities.

The list of dates presented above contains many deadlines or dates by which action must be taken or concluded. Equally important is when the process must begin locally to insure that the deadline is met. A district must have some method of triggering a local process that will allow the district adequate time to meet the deadlines. That method may be a district policy or procedure, or it may be that an individual has been given the specific responsibility to prepare required documents. In any event, does the district have in place a method for initiating the required processes in a timely manner?

When the general budget of the district is finalized, the budget shall be published. KRS 424.250

Statutes permit a local board to require each school to make an annual report to the local board, at a public meeting, describing the school’s progress in meeting state educational goals and district educational goals set by the local board. KRS 160.340(3). See also SB 1 (2017)

Does the local board have a process to regularly receive, review and discuss information on the effectiveness of district finances, operations, and programs, and the level of educational progress achieved by the community’s children? How frequently do these reviews occur and are they sufficient for the board to effectively fulfill its responsibilities to the community and state? See also KRS 160.431(4) (Finance officer to present detailed monthly financial report for board approval which is to be posted on district’s web site).

The local board must evaluate the performance of the district superintendent annually. When will the board begin and complete that process? KRS 156.557

Please reference the link set forth above for a much more extensive list of operational deadlines prepared by the Kentucky Department of Education.

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