Happy School Board Recognition Month to Kentucky’s local boards of education

KSBA is pleased to join the state’s 174 public school systems to again recognize the contributions of nearly 900 local education leaders in observing School Board Recognition Month.

“Our hope is that School Board Recognition Month will lead to not just an appreciation of what local board of education members contribute, but more importantly what their responsibilities are – because there is a lot of confusion out there,” said KSBA Executive Director Bill Scott.

“For example, we talk to a lot of people who understand that school board members set tax rates, adopt a budget, determine which buildings are renovated or constructed, and hire the superintendent,” Scott said. “But many of those same people have no idea about the detailed analysis that goes into determining how much money is needed to cover district expenses and determine whether taxes can be lowered, held steady or must be raised. They don’t understand all of the state requirements that affect which schools can or can’t be renovated or where new schools can be built. And they have many uninformed opinions on the necessary working relationships between the board members and the superintendent as the chief administrator.”

To that end, materials made available by KSBA’s Member Support Service to district personnel have focused on the various decision-making roles of board members. Any superintendents or district communications staff who still need access to those materials can contact Brad Hughes  brad.hughes@ksba.org or Madelynn Coldiron madelynn.coldiron@ksba.org at 800-372-2962.

All board members should have received KSBA’s token of appreciation and recognition of School Board Recognition Month – a 2013 calendar researched, designed and produced by association staff. In addition to a list of important deadlines for school board action and dates of KSBA conferences, each month of the calendar features an in-depth look at one of the association’s major service areas. Artwork in the calendar again centers around photographs of scenes from Kentucky schools. Any board member who did not receive a copy of the 2013 calendar, or would like an additional copy, may contact Hughes or Coldiron.

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