Spreading the good news through the Kentucky School Advocate

Nearly 100 districts featured in 2010-11 editions

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of KSBA’s flagship publication, the Kentucky School Advocate, that 2011 marked another year in which the magazine’s coverage spread from one end of the Commonwealth to the other.

A total of 95 Kentucky school districts were featured in the Kentucky School Advocate in full-length articles, news briefs or photo displays. That’s right on par with the 99 districts covered in the previous year’s editions. Additionally, leaders in 103 districts were quoted in the popular People Are Talking feature of quotes from media reports.

Magazine editor Madelynn Coldiron, writer/designer Jennifer Wohlleb and freelance writer Wayne Dominick make a special effort to ensure they cover as many of the state’s districts as possible in the 10 print and one online-only edition of the publication.

For example, here’s a breakdown of coverage involving districts within KSBA’s 12 regions:

Region                                                 Number of stories

First                                                       9

Second                                                10

Third                                                    10

Fourth                                                    8

Fifth                                                       8

Middle Cumberland                               8  

Upper Cumberland                                5

Upper Kentucky River                           7

Northern Kentucky                              11

Eastern Kentucky North                         7

Eastern Kentucky South                         5

Central Kentucky                                   7


The Kentucky School Advocate team also tries to tell stories from districts that traditionally may otherwise get little or no statewide attention. Only two of the 174 districts haven’t been featured in the magazine in the past four years, and those districts will be in the crosshairs for stories in 2012.

The same approach is taken to turn to lesser-covered districts when a story idea impacts every district in the state. A magazine database tracks each mention of a district, whether it’s alone in the spotlight or part of a multiple-district story; every board member or superintendent quote; and every photo feature or stand-alone picture, so the team knows which districts have had plenty of attention and which are due.

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