Report: nearly 9 in 10 Kentuckians support smoke-free school campuses

The Foundation for a Health Kentucky recently released a series of five regional reports from the Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) exploring key differences among five regions of the state. The poll surveyed Kentuckians about their perceptions about various health issues that impacted their communities, the state and the nation.

Key statewide findings from the KHIP indicate that most Kentuckians:

· Find eating in a smoke-free restaurant more enjoyable (58 percent)

· Support smoke-free school campuses (86 percent)

· Support treatment over incarceration for people convicted of nonviolent illegal drug use (69 percent) or nonviolent crimes while under the influence of alcohol (71 percent)

· Need more information to understand how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect them and their families (72 percent).

Click here to access the website for the results of the polls

The annual KHIP, conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati, is jointly funded by the Foundation for a Health Kentucky and the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

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