Bullying prevention to be focus of 2012 Kentucky Safe Schools Week Oct. 21-27; state leaders endorse Bullying: Be Part of the Cure pledge by students


In preparation for the upcoming observance of Kentucky Safe Schools Week, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday and Kentucky Board of Education Chairman David Karem have declared the third week in October as Kentucky Safe Schools Week for all Kentucky schools. The signing took place during the October 9 Kentucky State Board of Education meeting.  

Kentucky Center for School Safety Executive Director Jon Akers introduced Dr. Jack Rose and Karen McCuiston, who presented to the state school board a multimedia overview of this year’s Kentucky Safe Schools Week theme, Bullying: Be Part of the Cure. 

Bullying is widespread and one of the most underreported offenses in our schools. Kentucky, along with the rest of the nation, deals with bullying-related issues on a daily basis.  October is National Bully Prevention Month and this year the Kentucky Safe Schools Week theme, Bullying: Be Part of the Cure, will work in conjunction with this national campaign. The Kentucky Center for School Safety encourages schools across the commonwealth to participate in Kentucky Safe Schools Week. Bullying: Be Part of the Cure emphasizes the part each individual can play in stopping this harmful “disease” from becoming “viral.” During this campaign, each student and staff member will be empowered to become “Part of the Cure,” helping to do their part to stop bullying and create a healthy, respectful climate in their school. 

During this week-long observance, a concerted effort will be used to bring together all Kentuckians to improve safety in our schools by educating students, staff and communities about the true definition of bullying, how to be consistent in handling situations that arise and strategies to prevent bullying behavior that can impact the educational process. A broad variety of resources are available for teachers including 
lessons for all ages,interactive websites,the Bullying: Be Part of the Cure Pledge and  curriculum to use throughout the year. Professional development information, PowerPoints, handouts and checklists are available for school administrators, parents and community members at  https://www.kysafeschools.org/ssw.php. The online pledge is simple and easy to remember but sends a powerful message:  

      I pledge to do my part to STOP BULLYING by: 
-C aring more; considering others' feelings
-U nderstanding all; appreciating others' differences
-R especting myself; learning to respect myself and others 
-E ducating others; sharing that I will not bully or allow it.  

The Kentucky Bullying: Be Part of the Cure campaign is sponsored by the Kentucky Center for School Safety. This observance coincides with America’s Safe Schools Week, which is sponsored by the National School Safety Center. 

“Many Kentucky school districts have taken steps to reduce bullying, but the job is not done. Let us, at Kentucky Center for School Safety encourage you to join with schools across this great commonwealth during the third week in October, and work toward stopping bullying by both individually and collectively becoming Part of the Cure. Mark your calendars, and join us as we work together on this crucial safety issue,” said Akers.

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