NSBA seeking Kentucky board members and superintendents for group study of health issues and academic achievement; apply by May 31

From the National School Boards Association


Do you want to learn more about ways to keep students healthy and ready to learn? Are you interested in promoting student health within your school district and state?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the questions above, you could be part of a national cadre to help improve the health and academic achievement of students and generate positive visibility for school leaders nationwide.

NSBA is recruiting school board members and superintendents in Kentucky as well as four other states to serve as leaders who address health through a coordinated approach.

Health-related issues can be barriers to learning. Asthma, for instance, is one of the leading causes of school absences. When school districts have a system that helps address health issues, they position students and school staff to be more successful. And that’s where a coordinated school health approach comes in handy. As a cadre member, you will be able to learn about and apply this approach. You will receive cost-free, virtual, and customized training and follow-up support from NSBA to help you take actions around health that are aligned with your district’s needs and interests.

These might include:

* Establish a vision and plan in your district around the well-being of students and staff as a foundation for student success.

* Develop or revise policies to address health issues.

* Integrate at least one health-related goal into your district improvement plan.

* Partner with organizations to leverage resources and share responsibilities in addressing health.

* Working with NSBA, help inform other school leaders by sharing your successes and lessons learned.

We have started identifying members for the first cadre group. As stated in the flyer, potential cadre members will be asked to submit a brief application to NSBA, which will be screened according to their background around health-related issues and other participation criteria.

Besides Kentucky, we also plan to work with the following states: Michigan, Mississippi, Montana and Wisconsin. We plan to identify our first group of up to 20 school board members and superintendents by May 31. If needed, we can extend that timeline to identify initial cadre members.

Please open the attached form below for more information.

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