Webster Co. superintendent uses school board's annual meeting with school councils to reiterate district vision to be globally connected, prepare students for working world

Sebree Banner, April 12, 2017

Board Hosts Council Of Councils Meeting

The Webster County Board of Education met Monday night in a Council of Councils session to hear a review of where the district is headed with its new vision to be 1WC=World Class. As she opened the
meeting, superintendent Dr. Rachel Yarbrough emphasized that the most important people in the room were the students.

“We want you (the students) to be honest and open and tell us how to get better,” Yarbrough said. “We want to make Webster County Schools the best place possible.” She also pointed out that the district is seeking input around a “2030 vision” Yarbrough continued, “We want to think bigger and create learning experiences in Webster County that are world class. We don’t want Webster County’s vision of learning to be about just Webster County, we want to connect to a global world.”

The superintendent added, “We will be concerned about our kids and (ask) are they ready for a working world.” Yarbrough urged everyone to think of Webster County Schools as a place where every child gets a world class education. This district’s new vision will be rolled out for the 2017-18 school year.

Because this in now a digital world, the superintendent stressed the importance of the skills students will need to live in a world of technology. Already, Webster County is putting online registration in place with every parent now registering their children for school through an online program, and for two years children have participated in line learning on snow days when they use “Link 2 Learn” for instruction for the missed day. According to DPP Greg Bowles, attendance for this year’s Link 2 Learn day was at 98 percent (of student participation).

The district is also on the cutting edge of early childhood education. Kim Saalwaechter told the group that the local district has received a number of quality classroom instructional materials that will also be
shared with local private preschools and day cares, and a number of summer activities are planned to help prepare children and their parents for school.

District personnel has also been involved in developing plans for innovative learning. Rhonda Callaway said the program allows students to talk the language of the learning standards and have flexible learning spaces with the attitude that you should “take care of yourself, take care of each other and take care of this place.” She added that a local team representing all school levels have made a number of schools that have already implemented innovative learning.

At the concluding of Monday’s board meeting, both Mickey Dunbar and Tim McCormick commended the students and district personnel for their dedication to continuing to strive for academic excellence.
Dunbar noted he wants “to see Webster County on the cutting edge” of education. James Nance added that he is excited to be a part of this (initiative). I commend you and the staff for all you’re doing. Technology is changing our world. If we want to be world class, we have to change with it, but it is going to take a lot of work.”

The next meeting of the Webster County Board of Education is Monday, April 24. at 5:30 p.m.

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