Video session on talking to the news media and the public about 2015 K-PREP scores now available on KSBA website

District personnel are examining draft calculations on the results of last year’s state K-PREP assessment and accountability exams. In one month, those numbers will go public and officials will face inquiries from reporters, parents and others about the data. An essential part of a successful test score explanation is a plan for what you want to say and when you want to say it.

KSBA has posted a brief video on our website’s KSBA FYI section of the home page with some helpful tips for superintendents, principals, district assessment coordinators and communications personnel.

Among the areas covered in the 15:00 video are:

· Pinpointing the most important data elements to highlight.

· Crafting talking points on the positives and the areas where more improvement is needed.

· Being prepared for reporter questions.

· Going beyond the media to inform parents and the community at large.

A PowerPoint used in the video also is available on the KSBA website home page under the Important Bookmarks section at the bottom of the page.

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