Call for Nominations - 2016 KSBA Director-at-Large elections

KSBA President Allen E. Kennedy has appointed a committee to consider nominees to fill four director-at-large seats on the board (for a three-year term) and the President-elect seat (for a two-year term). Ratification of the committee’s selections will take place during the KSBA annual conference business session Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017 in Louisville.

Director-at-large nomination process

The four director- at-large seats are occupied by:

• William Owens, Lee County, who is completing his eligibility.
• Ronnie Holmes, Graves County, who is eligible to serve a three-year term. He was previously appointed to fill an unexpired term.
• Jeff Stumbo, Floyd County, who is eligible to serve a three-year term. He was previously appointed to fill an unexpired term.
• A vacant seat due to a previously announced resignation. Nominee also would serve a three-year term.

In keeping with the association’s bylaws,

• any Kentucky school board member may place his or her name before the committee by completing and submitting the attached form by Nov. 15. The form for director-at-large offices may also be requested by contacting Kathy Amburgey at, 502.783.0078 or by visiting our website at The form may be returned via mail, fax or email per the instructions on the form. The committee will make its recommendations based on the information in the nomination form.
• No member of the association Board of Directors may be simultaneously a candidate for more than one office in the same election.
• No local board member would be eligible for election to the Board of Directors for a term simultaneous with that of another member of the same local board already serving on the KSBA board.
• A candidate for the office of director-at-large must be eligible to serve in that post at the time the candidate places her or his name in nomination.
• The committee will report back to the membership with its recommendations in January. The recommendations shall also be submitted to the membership for ratification at the KSBA annual business meeting on Saturday, February 25, 2017.
• Each nominee chosen by the committee will be provided an opportunity to make up to a three-minute acceptance speech at the business meeting.

If you have any questions about the selection process or about service on our board of directors, please call KSBA at 1-800-372-2962 and ask for Mike Armstrong, Kathy Amburgey or Brad Hughes.

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