Prichard Committee, Kentucky Chamber issue "citizen's guide" to education in the state, progress made since enactment of KERA, ongoing issues


The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce have produced a special report tracking changes – and improvements – in the state's public education system over the last three decades. The document is now available online.

Titled "A Citizen's Guide to Kentucky Education reform, progress, continuing challenges," is a 10-page pamphlet that examines the state's K-12 and postsecondary education systems from the 1980s through today.

"Educators and policymakers have contributed tirelessly to Kentucky’s efforts to build a world-class education. But they have not tackled the problems alone," the report's authors write. "The state’s advocacy and business communities have been consistent partners in this work – sometimes pointing out shortcomings and calling for change, sometimes conveying messages of celebration, but always remaining steadfast in their support of Kentucky’s schools.

"Through the passage of the Kentucky Education Reform Act, the adoption of tougher academic standards, the reforms of postsecondary education and other key developments, business and community leaders have been consistent in their outspoken advocacy on behalf of Kentucky’s future and the high-quality education system essential to building it," the report reads.

The report covers areas such as the changes brought about in the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990 and the Postsecondary Education Reform Act of 1997, dealing with the impact on P-20 programs by both of those laws. Information includes how Kentucky's academic performance measurements have changed in that period of time as well as how the state's per-pupil spending has fared compared with the national average. Also featured are data points on college degrees awarded over the last decade.

The full report may be viewed in pdf-form on the Web here

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