Kentucky Center for School Safety promoting this week as Safe Schools Week, part of National Bullying Prevention Month


October is Bullying Prevention Month and Kentucky Center for School Safety has set this year’s theme for Kentucky Safe Schools Week (Oct. 18-24) as “I want to be a School Safety Superhero.” The theme focuses on building the self-esteem of students while working toward an environment free of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment and conflict.

From Superman to Captain America, most superheroes started with problems or issues and turned their uniqueness into a power or force, using it for the betterment of society. The campaign highlights the word “super” and the qualities necessary to be a superhero at school: S-Strong, U-Understanding, P-Powerful, E-Encouraging and R-Respectful. By using these character words to teach and describe our students, they can become School Safety Superheroes.

During this week, all Kentuckians will be urged to improve the safety of our schools by educating students, staff and community members. Building up the self-esteem of individual students and teaching them to be resilient are basic concepts of this year’s theme. Being both strong and understanding incorporates the need to make good choices and to know when to show power or be encouraging.

The respectful aspect goes back to treating others as one wants to be treated. Learning to step up and support others who are in need can be as easy as leaving an online tip. Students can be a “Silent Hero” and help without getting involved if they fear retaliation. The Kentucky Center for School Safety partners with schools to provide a free online reporting tool, the S.T.O.P! Tipline. The tipline encourages students, parents or community members who know of an unsafe situation in school, to anonymously pass on that information to school personnel by using a digital format. Check it out here.

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