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KSBA’s Open Meetings Act Guide and Kentucky Student Discipline Desk Reference updated
KSBA’s Open Meetings Act monograph was last published in 2007.   Staff attorney, John C. Fogle III, has just completed updating the Fifth Edition of the monograph and it is available for purchase at $60.00 a copy.  

Many of you have counted on the last edition of this work for quick answers to Open Meetings Act questions and as a reliable starting point for researching OMA questions.   While the basic structure of the work has been retained, the new edition includes coverage of the most important statutes, cases, and Open Meetings Decisions that have developed since 2007.    

For example, there is new coverage of superintendents’ evaluations, “nondisciplinary” student grievances/hearings, and limitations on the use of closed sessions relating to the retention of currently serving superintendents.  

The Kentucky Student Discipline Desk Reference has also been updated for this year as well.

This publication serves as a reliable and convenient reference on a full range of student discipline issues for Kentucky school leaders and school board attorneys. The book includes new case law and statutory references for this year.  

Teresa Combs, Director of Legal & Administrative Training Services and Fogle have revised and updated chapters covering topics such as suspension and expulsion, search and seizure, student records, and discipline of special education students.  It is available in either manual or PDF format at $100 per copy.

If you are interested in either of the updated editions please contact Shannon Robinson at or at 800-372-2962.