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KDE reopens application process for Minority Superintendent Internship Program; candidates may sign up through Aug. 13


KDE’s Division of Next-Generation Professionals has reopened the application period for the Minority Superintendent Internship Program (MISP). The MSIP consists of two initiatives – the Minority Superintendent Internship and the Minority Emerging Education Leader Internship.

The deadline for the re-opened application process is 4:30 p.m. ET on Monday, Aug. 13.The MSIP application portfolio packet is available online here The successful MSIP candidates will begin the program Sept. 3.

MSIP is designed to identify and train a pool of highly-qualified and highly-effective minority superintendent candidates for Kentucky’s public school districts. The program provides qualified candidates with the opportunity for hands-on, mentored experiences with Kentucky superintendents and education leaders. For the purposes of this program, “minority” is defined to include underrepresented members of ethnic minority groups.

The application process has been revamped recently to include emphasis on development of strong partnerships with superintendents and other individuals in formal educational leadership roles and a newly established communications / feasibility plan.

The Minority Superintendent Internship is a two-year program. The first year, interns remain in their current administrative positions within their school districts and receive mentoring from immediate supervisors. The second year, the interns will be granted a one-year leave of absence from their current positions and be placed in other school districts for that school year, where they will serve as assistants to highly effective superintendents.

The internships will be completed in June 2014. The participants will then return to their districts, in their previous positions or similar positions.

           The Minority Emerging Education Leader Internship initiative is a one-year program. The Minority Emerging Internship is designed to develop continuous progress and growth in the area of formal education leadership. The selected intern will remain in his or her current administrative position and will continue to be an official employee of his or her school district.

Interns will interact with highly qualified practicing school district administrators in a focused way to broaden their knowledge base about the work of education leaders and district superintendents. Once interns have completed the program and met all requirements, he or she will qualify for the first year of the Minority Superintendent Internship initiative.