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KSBA statement on KBE approval of changes to high school graduation requirements

October 3, 2018 
From Kerri Schelling, Executive Director of the Kentucky School Boards Association:

The passage of today’s changes to Kentucky’s high school graduation requirements does not diminish the concerns of KSBA and its 173 local school boards across the state. We will now take full advantage of the public comment period and encourage the state’s leading education groups who objected to today’s vote to advocate on behalf of students. While we feel that these requirements should have taken considerably longer to craft and warranted more public input, we will work swiftly to seek clarity. It is unfortunate that the efforts of KSBA and other education groups to raise legitimate concerns have been characterized by some as attempts to deliberately deceive the public. We encourage Commissioner Lewis and the state Board of Education to take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience of our teachers, administrators, superintendents and local school board members in moving toward solutions that meet the needs of all Kentucky students.
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