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Board member New Year's Resolutions


Kentucky School Advocate
January 2021

How do you plan to improve yourself as a school board member in 2021?

“We will no doubt be faced with on-going issues in the new year from a challenging 2020, with gaps in student learning from the governor's virtual-only mandates. As a district, we will need to identify those students and their deficiencies to prepare them for the next grade level.”
- Martie Templeton, Hickman County

“Board members have so much coming at them at any given time that it's important to focus on 1 or 2 items. For now, my focus is encouraging our team the best we can. With varying backgrounds and experiences, it's vital that we truly come together collectively and focus our agenda. I'm going to propose a Board Retreat to reset 2020 for a better 2021.”
- Becky Burgett, Gallatin County

“I plan to spend more time in the schools to learn what they really need and how I can best advocate for the students.”
- Paul Forester, Edmonson County

“I would like to be in the schools more, attending programs, lunch with students and hearing what students have to say.”
- Cindy Price, Pulaski County

“To be engaged in our students’ education and make it a joint effort with the rest of our board members to see that they will continue to have a safe learning environment.”
- Danny Fisher, Eminence Ind.

“My top school board resolution for 2021 is to listen.  As a new member, I am eager to listen to school staff, students, parents and community members.”
- Tom Haggard, Covington Ind.

“I want to work harder as a school board member and focus on my school system to be successful. Persistent efforts and constant improvements will make the difference between ambition and success.”
- Sylvia Covington, Newport Ind.

“Become more informed about the budget to be able to help make informed decisions.”
- Ledonia Williamson, Marshall County

“Continue to help the district make it easier for students to become career ready when graduating. ”
- Charlie Wise, Hardin County

Click here to print/download a helpful school board resolutions worksheet.

Board members’ most important personal resolutions for 2021:

“The resolution that I believe is most important to me for 2021 is to make sure I appreciate and enjoy my family. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught me is to love my family and love my neighbors and always strive to be the best person I can be. I want to work hard to unify our communities and together we can conquer anything.”
- Michael Johnson, Owensboro Ind.

“I am always working on my professional growth, but my number ONE priority is to stay healthy, because I am 72 years old, and as of right now, I am in perfect health – I'm just OLD(er) – but feel fine and I intend to stay that way, because if I don't, nothing else will matter. This is not a common, ordinary run-of-the-mill virus.”
- Carol Niswonger, Dawson Springs Ind.

“Spend more time with my family!! I have learned one thing this year that time is not promised and GOD, family and country is all that really matters!!!!!”
- Angela Bumpus, McLean County

“To advocate for the future of public ed in Kentucky to make sure our kids receive the remediation they will need after the pandemic is over.”
- Davonna Page, Russellville Ind.

“Maximize my efforts to be an advocate to others who are struggling with issues that I can provide assistance in any way possible.”
- Suzy Turner, Trimble County

“I would like to become more healthy. 2020 has been a stressful year and it has certainly taken a toll on my mental and physical health.”
- Bobbie Stone, Clinton County

“To continue to grow and learn about leadership. To learn something new - like playing the guitar I bought. To serve my community to the best of my ability.”
- Karen Byrd, Boone County

“I want to take more time for myself. Time to exercise, to meditate, to have fun.”
- Darla Doss, Marshall County

“Being more kind and understanding of others.”
- Mary Alice Oldfield, Morgan County

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