0708-13 Executive Insights

0708-13 Executive Insights

Focused On Service, Focused On You

By David Baird
Interim Executive Director
Thinking back on my own career of almost 40 years in the education business, I can hardly remember a time when we were not in transition. Some transitions were the result of rapid and monumental education reforms, while others were prompted by legislation or local issues. No matter what impetus caused the commotion, it made us reflect and come up with problem-solving solutions that we may not have envisioned before ­– perhaps it was a new way of doing a core program or reinventing ourselves to add value to existing programs and services.

This is the corner that I find myself turning as the incoming interim executive director of KSBA.  Our organization has been highly successfully during the past 77 years, with outstanding programs, services and staff. But in this day and time it is not enough to have been around for a long time. It is essential that we continue to add quality, value and service to our membership to address the needs of today, not the past. This is why I have asked our staff to look within our own Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Goals for the organization and to seek ways to provide more added value to our current array of services. Our Board of Directors and current school board members developed these objectives a few years ago and I think they still ring true today:
KSBA will be the leading advocate and resource for public school boards on behalf of successful students and stronger communities.

School boards are our No. 1 customers and we will be their advocate and resource as they provide governance and oversight in their school districts. We believe this advocacy will help make their students and communities successful and stronger.

The mission of KSBA is to enhance school board leadership in maximizing student achievement through superior support and services.

It is all about student achievement and identifying what students need and helping them to reach their potential.  Board members must take a leadership role and be a willing partner in providing adequate supports and services to their districts.

1.  Member Ownership – We will increase member awareness of and value in association services.

2.  Advocacy – We will support legislation and other state and national actions that strengthen public education, promote student achievement and protect local control.

3.  Service Delivery – We will invest in staff and resources that contribute to the efficient delivery of services and continued improvement of the association.

4.  Partnerships – We will engage in partnerships that strengthen public education and enhance local boards’ leadership of student achievement.

As we refocus on our core responsibilities outlined in the goals listed above, we are poised to see more clearly where we are going and how best to help our members.

I look forward to a rewarding year as we transition once again to our overall programs and services. By doing our core work well, we focus on service and we focus on you!
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