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Self-Study Credit

The Kentucky School Boards Association provides each board member with options for meeting the annual training requirements as defined by 702 KAR 1:116 and KRS 156.031, 156.070, 160.180. These include the annual conference, summer leadership institute, fall regional meetings and winter symposium.  Training requirements may also be met by participating in local board/superintendent team training provided by KSBA or through other providers that have been approved by the Kentucky Department of Education as required by statute. KSBA has developed an Outside Training Provider Application to assist such providers in obtaining this approval.

KSBA conferences allow time for learning from school board governance experts as well as time for networking with fellow board members throughout the state. In-district training provided by KSBA is an opportunity for your board members and superintendent to become a more effective team by learning together, building positive relationships and applying training information directly to your situation.  
On the exceptional occasion when board members have not been able to complete their annual training requirements at conferences or through in-district training, board members may be able to take advantage of self-study materials in the KSBA library. It is important to note, however, that self-study materials are limited and training credit will only be awarded once for each module over the entire length of board member service. KSBA cannot guarantee that modules will be available so it is imperative for members to monitor their board hour needs closely throughout the year.

Complete a short online form to request access to one or more of KSBA's existing self-study training modules. 

After completion of the self-study material, board members will be asked to complete a brief assessment and submit documentation to KSBA certifying that the materials have been studied for a minimum of the indicated hour(s). (This does not apply to online courses.) 
Fees vary based on the course/training. Pricing will be available on the order form. Fees will be billed directly to the school district upon receipt of the completed assessment.
If you have questions regarding the self-study or your board member training requirements, please contact Shannon Robinson at the KSBA office by phone at 800-372-2962 ext. 1248 or via email
No Board action is required to receive credit for the self-study of KSBA-provided material.
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