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See below for additional resources that may pertain to your district. Click on the links to view/download documents.

SB128 (2021) was enacted in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and gave school boards the option of approving a supplemental school year for students whose families requested it. In the months following the passage of SB128, KSBA conducted a statewide survey to determine district participation and to better understand the factors that may have contributed to a board's decision not to pursue a supplemental year. This report is a summary of those findings.

 (Updated Sept. 2022) Kentucky's constitution grants responsibility to the General Assembly for the creation and funding of an efficient system of common schools. The legislature has created the Kentucky Board of Education, local school boards, elected by the local community, and school-based decision making councils (SBDMs). This document, designed by KSBA, provides a simplified outline of various responsibilities of the local school boards and SBDMs. Note: This document is not meant to be inclusive of all situations boards and councils may encounter. For more detailed information, please see KSBA’s School Board Leadership Guide. Relevant state laws include KRS 158, KRS 160 and KRS 160.345, which may be accessed at
"Forming a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Foundation to Benefit School Districts in Kentucky"
The Kentucky League of Cities, in collaboration with KSBA, has compiled a helpful guide for districts considering the establishment of an education foundation. Contents include the steps to form a 501(c)(3), sample articles of incorporation, sample bylaws, existing education foundations and more. 
100% Tobacco-Free Schools
KSBA, as a member of the Coalition for a Smoke-Free Tomorrow, wishes to make district leaders aware of the following resources that offer guidance and suggestions to help districts implement and enforce effective 100% tobacco-free school policies, pursuant to House Bill 11 (2019 RS) and applicable local board policies:
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