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School Board Recognition Month

2020 School Board Recognition Month Header
January is School Board Recognition Month. This is a good time to say thank you to your school board members for their dedication and service to your district. Use the resources provided to enhance your district's efforts to recognize school board service. 
Here are some ideas to recognize those who serve your community.
  • Honor school board members at a board meeting. Serve cake and have students provide musical entertainment. Ask each school to present a gift to the board – perhaps thank you notes or artwork created by students.
  • Ask city officials to pass a resolution thanking and honoring the school board for its work.
  • Have the superintendent write a letter to the editor or op-ed piece in the local newspaper, acknowledging School Board Recognition Month and thanking board members for their contributions.
  • Feature members of the board on the district’s website.
  • Design a bulletin board display featuring school board members’ photographs, background information and years of board service.
  • Create certificates for the spouses of board members, recognizing them for being supportive of the time away from family required to serve on the board.
  • Display an appreciation banner in the board room or district office.
  • Hang an appreciation banner across a major street or highway.
  • Make local service clubs aware that January is School Board Recognition Month and encourage them to show public appreciation for their members who serve on school boards.

School activities:

  • Ask students to create a “Top 10” list of what they think a school board does, and present the list at a school board meeting. Or ask them to draw pictures of what they think school board members do.
  • Invite board members to lunch at school, hosted by students. Decorate the cafeteria with “thank you” posters made by students. Have students create special place mats for the board members.
  • Introduce board members at a basketball game or other school event.
  • Post a message thanking board members on the school reader board, website, Facebook page and in the school newsletter.
  • Encourage staff to send notes of appreciation to board members.
  • Ask parent groups to write thank you notes to the board.
  • Ask a different class or school to “adopt” a board member during School Board Recognition Month. Students can write letters, draw pictures and make posters to present to the board.
  • Create a short video filled with thank you messages from teachers, students, and parents. Here's an example. Another idea would be to interview students of different ages about what they think a school board does. Finish with students saying thanks for all that board members do. 
  • Have students assemble a “survival kit” for the school board. Contents could include a battery to keep supplying board members with energy, rubber bands to stretch the budget, sticky notes to help them remember all the details, and aspirin for any headaches caused by the job.
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