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Policy Training

The Policy Service offers board and administrative webinar and on-site training for a reasonable fee. Training is customized based on the nature of the request, i.e., topic, length of session, and desired format.

Sample modules include:

  • Find the Policy/Accessing Your Online Manual (40 minutes)
  • Policy Parameters for Technology Use (40 minutes)
  • Board Policy Basics (40 or 75 minutes)

In addition, training is available that is led by policy staff in conjunction with other KSBA departments, including Legal and Administrative Training or Board Team Development. KSBA will certify board member training hours for board members that participate.

In-District Training (policy staff only)

Please note that fees do not include printed handouts or travel expenses if required (mileage, lodging):

  • 75 minute session - $150 (1¼ training hours per member)
  • 40 minute session - $75 (½ training hour per member.) 

For more information, contact your district's assigned Policy Consultant or contact the Policy Service Director at 1-800-372-2962, ext. 1219 or at [email protected].

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