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Superintendent Search

The Right Direction

The single most important choice for a board of education is also its most challenging one — hiring a superintendent.

However, hiring a new superintendent is not nearly as important as hiring the right superintendent.

That’s why the Kentucky School Boards Association provides a Superintendent Search Service to assist in the search process.

Finding that right person involves more than advertising in the local newspaper and then doing interviews. In fact, the process can be cumbersome and requires great attention to detail. KSBA assists school board members as they consider many of those details long before the actual hiring of a new superintendent.

Selecting KSBA as the search consultant guarantees a quality, customized search that will enable you to attract the best candidates and ultimately hire the best “fit” for your district. Our primary goal is to develop an individualized process that will produce the best match for your organization’s needs.

In addition, at KSBA our service doesn’t end with the search.

One of the most important advantages of using KSBA is that KSBA views this as a long-term relationship, not just an event. Long after your superintendent is hired, KSBA, as your professional organization, will be there working with your board team.

KSBA helps the board of education in every phase of the search process, within the framework of the board’s approval. KSBA assists the board in securing candidates who best satisfy the board’s criteria, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability.

Five Phases of Our Search Process

1. Search plan development
Customized plan developed with the board including:
· Timeline
· Ad preparation
· Establishing the screening committee
· Charge to the screening committee

2. Advertisement and recruitment
· Advertise position
· Notify districts statewide
· Notify candidate pool
· Receive all applications
· Process applications for screening committee
3. Screening Committee work
· Guide and work with the committee throughout the process to meet the board’s charge
· Prepare all paperwork
· Develop legal advertisements
4. Board interviews
· Help board develop next step following screening committee recommendations
· Schedule interviews
5. Appointment
· Sample contract
· Legal guidance
· Optional contract negotiations

Reasons To Choose KSBA

  • KSBA’s main function is the business of working with school boards.
  • KSBA is your association with a long-term commitment to the successful operation of your district.
  • KSBA delivers value by putting the entire strength of your dues dollars to work.
  • KSBA has conducted more than 300 searches for school districts.
  • KSBA has over two decades of experience in conducting searches.
  • KSBA, as an impartial third party, helps to protect the integrity and credibility of the search process.
  • KSBA has personnel dedicated to superintendent searches.
  • KSBA approaches the process from a boards’ perspective.
  • KSBA custom designs the search to meet the needs of your district.
  • KSBA has an extensive contact list of aspiring superintendents.
  • KSBA partners with the NSBA-sponsored National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers to provide a national network of search personnel, which is invaluable for reference checking.
  • KSBA has a long proven record of working with screening committees so that their recommendation can be strongly considered.
Search Consultants: 

Tim Eaton

Don Martin
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Quin Sutton

For general Superintendent Search inquiries: 
MerryAnn Marshall
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