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Learn & Earn Webinars


(Updated 4.22.2020)


Join KSBA the second Wednesday of each month for an hour of meaningful board member training. Our “Learn and Earn” webinar series offers insightful (and concise) topics each month while providing school board members with required training credits.

All sessions will run from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. (Eastern) at a cost of $50 per session. Pre-registration is required, and space is limited to 100 viewers each session. Register now! View a summary of upcoming topics below, and follow links to register.  

May 13

12:00 – 1:15*

Nickel Equalization and Budget Shortfalls

Counts toward mandated finance training requirements

An update on the 2021 state budget and how budget shortfalls happen. 

Chay Ritter, Division of District Support, Kentucky Department of Education

*Bonus 15 minutes with a Legislative Update from KSBA’s Director of Advocacy, Eric Kennedy

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June 10

Overview of the Annual Financial Report and Tax Rates

Counts toward mandated finance training requirements

This session gives an overview of the components of the Annual Financial Report and how to read the numbers that tell the financial story for a year of activity.  An overview on setting tax rates is provided, including the difference in rates and their impact on continuing cost. 

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July 8

Board Leadership Essentials: Your Public Image

Meets mandated ethics training requirements

It’s not just the decisions you make as school board members that impact your district, how you do your job also influences the success of your school system. The image you project depends largely on how the governing body – your school board – conducts its public business. Do you inspire your community? Or, do you provide regular examples of dysfunction? Being a public official is not easy; often thankless. But we can make the experience better by adopting productive habits and focusing on becoming a healthy team.
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Aug. 12

Using Formative Conversations to Improve Superintendent Evaluation

Meets mandated superintendent evaluation training requirements

You don’t have to wait until the end-of the-year superintendent evaluation session to monitor progress on goals. In fact, you will ensure a more productive evaluation if you schedule formative sessions throughout the year to make sure your system is focused on the goals you have set. Kentucky law provides the opportunity for boards to have closed sessions for this purpose. Hear how making superintendent evaluations a year-round endeavor can ensure focus on goals and reduce the stress of waiting until the last minute to address a year’s worth of questions and pent-up concerns.
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Sept. 9

Making Sense of Dollars:  Presenting Financial Information to Non-Financial Audiences

Counts toward mandated finance training requirements

If you think school finance is a tough topic to tackle, consider how mind-boggling it is for the people who pay the taxes that fund your programs. This class developed with help from members of the Kentucky Association of School Business Officials offers ideas and calendar opportunities to spell out school budgets and taxes to the community. Charter school authorizers also learn about the law’s grant of financial powers to charter schools.
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Oct. 14

Legal & Ethical Considerations for School Board Members

Meets mandated ethics training requirements

This session offers a refresher of the School Board Member Code of Ethical Conduct and best practices for local school board members and illuminates issues such as conflicts of interest, nepotism and confidentiality. Further, it relates these issues to board members’ legal and ethical responsibilities in considering charter school applications and oversight.
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Nov. 11

The Biggest Piece of the Budget Pie:  Salaries & Benefits

Counts toward mandated finance training requirements

State laws and local board policies call for Kentucky school boards to set the qualifications, duties and compensation for all school district employees. This session helps board members better understand the budget impact of salaries and benefits, salary schedules, staff funding sources, types of salary schedules, additional staff pay, and benefits for both certified and classified staff.
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