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Learn & Earn Webinars

KSBA's “Learn and Earn” webinar series offers insightful (and concise) topics each month while providing school board members with required training credits. Sessions are scheduled for noon – 1:00 p.m. (Eastern) on the second Wednesday of each month at a cost of $50 per session. Pre-registration is required, and space is limited to 100 viewers each session. All Learn and Earn webinars count for 1 hour of board training credit. See below for KSBA's 2022 Learn and Earn webinar series schedule

April 13
How much do your SBDM allocations cost?
Counts toward mandated finance training requirements
Employees are your most important asset, but they don’t come cheap! This session will focus on the district’s annual site base allocation, including the applicable laws, timelines and pitfalls to watch out for in developing the staffing policies pertaining to the allocations.
KSBA Training Cadre
May 11
Teaching certification and rank changes: finding solutions during a teacher shortage
This session provides an overview of traditional pathways to teacher certification as well as the rank change system and process. It will also cover new methods for teacher certification: Option 6 and Option 7, new methods for rank change: CEO programs, recruitment and retention of new teachers and the budget impact of new and traditional rank change processes.
Jason Reeves, board member, Barbourville Ind. Schools
June 8
What great leaders do and empowering women as educational leaders 
This session gives an overview on the research of what great leaders do and the disparities of women in executive leadership roles across the Commonwealth. It will provide an asset approach to how women exemplify many of these leadership traits, as well as the need for support, mentorships, networking opportunities and trainings in executive leadership to help women overcome the proverbial glass ceiling.
Jenny Watson, EdD., assistant superintendent of Learning Support Services, Boone County Schools
July 13
Why did we get less state SEEK money this year? Why did they get more next door?
Counts toward mandated finance training requirements
The primary way that the state provides funding to districts for operating schools at the K-12 level is the SEEK formula. We talk about SEEK constantly, yet it’s hard to see how or why a district’s state SEEK funding may change from year to year. This session will look at the factors that increase or decrease SEEK amounts.
Eric Kennedy, director of Advocacy, KSBA
Aug. 10
Historical ethics and the school board
Meets mandated ethics training requirements
This session dives into the what, where and why of ethics and its hierarchy. It will answer questions such as: What is ethics? Where did they originate? Why and how do they play out in political positions? You will learn the importance of ethic's hierarchy in a free world, and its importance to a board member.
Carl Wicklund, board member, Kenton County Schools 
Sept. 14
How to get to family-school-community collective efficacy for your school ecosystem 
Envision the school board meeting – the board is sitting in the front facing the crowd and the audience facing the board. How does that make everyone feel? Nervous, anxious, adrenaline rushing. While boards need to conduct business, these environments will not lead to families, schools and communities working together collaboratively. This session will share ways to design a safe space for communities to learn, grow and collaborate together. 
Julia Pile, president, Laura Gilchrist, vice president, ParentCamp
Oct. 12
Superintendent evaluation: Exploring the seven standards
Meets mandated superintendent evaluation training requirement
This session goes deeper into the relevance of the standards to be used when school board members conduct the required annual evaluation of the superintendent. How do we judge performance on such wide-ranging standards for performance? How can boards provide productive input to superintendents to ensure continuous improvement? We will review the standards and discuss examples from the audience on how we can ensure annual reviews provide a path for successful school district leadership.  
KSBA Training Cadre
Nov. 9
How to get a good night’s sleep as a board member
Counts toward mandated finance training requirements
A school board member often attends one meeting a month, yet the business of the school system is 24/7. So, how does a board member sleep well at night knowing the business of the school system is being done efficiently and effectively? By developing, maintaining, and monitoring the policies and procedures of the district. This session will focus on internal and external fiscal controls that boards should assure are implemented in their district.  
KSBA Training Cadre Member
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