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Unemployment Program

Q: How much can an overlooked or mishandled unemployment claim cost your district?

A: As much as $16,276!
Properly handling unemployment claims, staying abreast of Kentucky’s unemployment regulations and preparing for adjudicated hearings requires special knowledge and experience. That is why 169 districts and three educational cooperatives in Kentucky rely on the KSBA Unemployment Program to assist them in dealing with these issues. KSBA will assist your district in responding to initial claims, protesting unfavorable determinations and preparing for appeals if necessary.

This KSBA service is managed by professionals with more than 25 years of combined experience in claims management and quarterly wage reporting. Whether this involves ensuring that benefits paid do not exceed awarded amounts, a protest of termination or a negative state agency determination, our Unemployment Benefit Program will get the best answers and options for participating districts. And that includes access to KSBA’s staff attorneys well-versed in school personnel issues.

Other benefits of the program include:
  • Districts pay based upon only their claims.
  • Refunds of contributions not required to cover claims and administrative expenses.
  • Separate unemployment fund, audited annually with individual district/entity accounts.
  • Neutral, third-party review of what constitutes an eligible claim.
  • Quarterly analysis of claims. 
  • Quarterly payroll data reviews.
  • Ongoing claims tracking to monitor eligibility.
  • Investments managed by an independent investment adviser.

Call for Trustee Applications
KSBA’s Unemployment Program is currently seeking individuals to serve on its board of trustees. These scheduled vacancies on the board include school board, superintendent and finance officer representatives. 
Trustees, who meet for quarterly virtual meetings, are responsible for the oversight of the program. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Review of program’s financial performance
  • Appointment of an outside auditor and review of annual audit reports
  • Oversight of investments and investment advisor’s performance/compliance with our investment policy
  • Review of annual participant refunds and deficit billings
  • Review and approval of recommended operational procedures and practices
  • Recommendation of changes or revisions to the program’s Declaration of Trust for approval by KSBA’s board of directors
  • Amendment of bylaws
Interested individuals are encouraged to complete an online application form. Begin the online application.
The deadline for applications is May 22 with anticipated appointment of new members at the board's June meeting. Questions may be directed to Leah Herrera, KSBA chief financial officer, at 1-800-372-2962 or by email.

Service Contacts:

MerryAnn Marshall (KSBA Unemployment Specialist): 1-800-372-2962 [email protected]
Leah Herrera (KSBA CFO): 1-800-372-2962 or [email protected]

Fax: 502-695-2991

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