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2021 Fall Regional Meetings

Each fall, KSBA’s 12 Regional Chairs (members of the association's board of directors, elected by regional members) host regional meetings for association members, district staff and friends of education. KSBA's regional meeting tour of the state allows members to gather in closer proximity to the local communities they serve. These short format programs offer an evening of networking and board training in an intimate setting, providing an ideal environment to address issues in a manner tailored to particular areas of the state. Dinner is provided to registered attendees. 

Save the dates! KSBA's 2021 Regional Meeting dates are listed below along with a general description of the training portion of the program. More details, including meeting times and locations, will be announced in the weeks ahead. Check back regularly for updates. 

8/31 (Tuesday) 
 Fifth Region
 Chair: Hanna Barnes, Anchorage Ind.
9/7 (Tuesday)
 Northern Kentucky Region
 Chair: Megan Jones, Walton-Verona Ind.
9/13 (Monday)
 Upper Kentucky River Region
 Chair: Dennis Smith, Hazard Ind.
9/21 (Tuesday)
 Middle Cumberland Region
 Chair: Cindy Price, Pulaski Co.
9/23 (Thursday)
 Central Kentucky Region
 Chair: James Sargent, Anderson Co.
9/27 (Monday)
 First Region
 Chair: Shawn Smee, Murray Ind.
9/28 (Tuesday)
 Second Region
 Chair: Jeremy Luckett, Owensboro Ind.
10/19 (Tuesday)
 Eastern Kentucky South Region
 Chair: Bob Hutchison, Johnson Co.
10/21 (Thursday)
 Fourth Region
 Chair: Diane Berry, Nelson Co.
10/25 (Monday)
 Third Region
 Chair: Debbie Hammers, Butler Co.
11/1 (Monday)
 Upper Cumberland Region
 Chair: Brenda Rose, Whitley Co.
11/4 (Thursday)
 Eastern Kentucky North Region
 Chair: Tammy Pruitt, Boyd Co.

Click here to find your district's assigned region.

Note: If you have a conflict on the date of your assigned region’s meeting, you may request to attend another region’s meeting by contacting the host region directly.

2021 Regional Meeting Program: Roundtable Discussions on Pressing Education Topics
KSBA’s 2021 fall regional meeting program will focus on three pressing issues facing local school boards now and in the next legislative session. Each topic will be introduced by a brief informational video, followed by small group discussion facilitated by KSBA staff. Members will be encouraged to share with each other their own thoughts on the issues, allowing KSBA staff to better understand the unique regional perceptions and opinions. Conversations will directly inform KSBA’s legislative priorities on behalf of school boards ahead of the next regular session of the General Assembly. Roundtable discussion topics will include:
  1. Results of KSBA’s legislative issues survey of members (survey will be conducted in July).
  2. Critical Race Theory (CRT), state curriculum mandates, and how discussions of these issues on social media among parents and communities have impacts at the local and state levels.
  3. Ongoing work of the School Funding Task Force, including insights from the local board members invited to participate, and a discussion of what recommendations it may make for legislation next session.
For questions, please contact Beth Pritchett at (502) 783-0063 or via email.
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