14 April Advocate

14 April Advocate

Kentucky School Advocate

Kentucky School Advocate

Tutors learn, too
When Beechwood Independent’s educators wanted to help the youngest English language learners in the demographically changing district, they turned to a group that was already on the premises: high school Spanish language students.

Getting personal
A high school student who’s already proven that he or she is college-ready may want to take advantage of an opportunity to work in his chosen field, or take more dual-credit courses. In one school district – and likely more soon – graduation requirements won’t stand in the way of more personalized learning. 

Stop-and-start instruction
This winter’s multiple missed school days don’t just create headaches for those who have to adjust school calendars – they play havoc with instruction, as students return to class, get caught up, and then are out again. And again. And again. 

Collaborating for the whole child
Communication has not always been the best between educators and the state’s social services agency, but recent collaboration between the agency and KSBA is exemplifying a partnership approach for the ultimate benefit of children.

Drawing up the plays for life
These coaches inspire. They encourage. They help their “team” plan their plays and moves for the future. But they have nothing to do with athletics and everything to do with helping students be successful in their postsecondary lives.

From the magazine
Beechwood Independent Elementary students Jokey Madariaga-Mendez (left) and Itzel Munoz focus on some worksheets during the district’s after-school program for English learners called Reading Inspires Student Excellence (RISE). The program, which also includes tutoring from high school Spanish-language students, aims to improve their English language skills before they reach the upper grades in the demographically changing northern Kentucky district.

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