15 November Advocate

15 November Advocate

November 2015

Fostering successful students
Many foster kids have special needs – emotional, behavioral and academic – and as their numbers grow in some Kentucky school districts, so does the need for services to help them. That can be complicated when the foster child must be placed far from his or her home county.
                      What school districts can do to help foster kids
Safer Friday night lights
Several new safety rules for high school football kicked in this year, on top of earlier mandates focusing on concussion injuries. With this year’s season well underway, how have these measures helped protect players – and have they changed the game?
                      ‘You can never say it’s never going to happen’
                      Trainers play important role

No more heat-and-eat
Food service workers in two northern Kentucky school districts have been working with some pros to shift the focus of cafeteria food from prepackaged to scratch cooking. Why? As the Dayton Independent superintendent says: “because we care.”
                      Board View: It's not just students trying new foods
                      Erlanger-Elsmere: 'Slow process, but it's looking up'

Assisting the assistants
The job duties of a superintendent’s administrative assistant may vary from district to district, but one constant is their ability to smooth the way for their boss and their board. An organization formed by KSBA helps them do just that.
                      Board View: Guarding against a black eye

Eyeing audits
It’s that head-scratching time of year when school boards are presented with the dizzying array of figures known as the annual audit report. Here are some tips from the experts on what to look for – and what questions to ask.

Up-close advocacy
School board members who attend this year’s Winter Symposium will be better advocates for public education when the 2016 session of the General Assembly opens in January, thanks to some in-depth training on the topic. And they’ll also learn about the millennial generation’s mindset.

Q&A with Pruitt
“The heart of a teacher” is how Kentucky’s sixth education commissioner has been described. Find out more about how he plans to dig into his new position in a special In Conversation With …  
"Very Special" talents on display at KSBA
Like many a “new occupant,” first-year KSBA Executive Director Mike Armstrong wanted a bit of redecorating of the association’s Frankfort headquarters. When Armstrong led the Department of Education’s Division of Exceptional Children Services 19 years ago, he became associated with VSA Kentucky, a Bowling Green-based nonprofit providing support to arts education for disabled children and adults. So he contacted VSAKY Director Delaire Rowe with an idea.

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Dayton High School cafeteria worker Lorrie McBride serves food to students on chicken burrito day. The Dayton Independent school district is working with Cook for America and the Interact for Health foundation to move its food service to more made-from-scratch items instead of the heat-and-serve model.
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