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16 April Advocate

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April 2016
On the lookout
How do teachers and other school personnel distinguish between regular teenage angst in their students and something more serious? School staff across the state, along with others in their community, are learning to spot signs of mental illness in youth.

Motivate and graduate

Career posters, a wall of student selfies, a signed graduation gown on display, rewards for ACT prep, college banners and more. Russellville High School students are surrounded by visible messages that are internalized as they commit to graduate in the school’s overall plan to transform school culture.
Energizing careers
Students are routinely taught to conserve energy. But in some schools, they are taking it a step further by exploring an emerging career pathway that dovetails with an increasing need for professionals in the growing field of energy management.

Students studying energy management in Scott and Hardin county districts are using their own school buildings to gain real-world experience in that field.
Making the honor roll
For the last half-dozen years or so, high schools in Kentucky and elsewhere have been recognized for getting their students to take Advanced Placement courses and performing well on them. What are the successful strategies they use?

No substitutes?
In some parts of the state where substitute teachers are in short supply, school districts are pulling out all stops to recruit and retain them. Raising the pay for subs is one avenue, but more intensive recruiting and training may also be helping alleviate the situation.
“Spellabration” aids special needs student after-school programs
A long time ago (11 years) in a galaxy far, far away (well, to some), the Bowling Green/Warren County Community Education team began supporting after-school programs for special needs students with an annual adult team spelling bee, aka Spellabration. Planners played on the popularity of the recent Star Wars movie for their 2016 event, “Spell Wars.”
In this issue:
Elkhorn Crossing School senior Margaret Moore works with equipment for the wind turbine she built at the Scott County school. The turbine, along with solar panels she and other students constructed, were installed on the building’s roof in a project that will determine the effectiveness of each form of energy.
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