2012 January President's Corner

2012 January President's Corner

A nod to another board during School Board Recognition Month

A nod to another board during School Board Recognition Month

By Tom Blankenship

The month of January has become a time for Kentuckians (and, in fact, people in many other states) to offer their “Thank yous” to the men and women who serve on our 174 local boards of education. Allow me to add my own nod of appreciation to the 871 other local board members. Your work on behalf of your children, your staff and your community deserves a year-round salute, because those labors represent 12 months of study, choices and decisions.

I’d also like to salute another board whose members do double-duty, working at home on behalf of their own district while giving up additional days, nights and weekends to the direction of their statewide association. Of course, I’m referring to the people pictured below - the Kentucky School Boards Association’s Board of Directors, the governing body of our association.

PHOTO: The Kentucky School Boards Association’s Board of Directors, front row from left: Dr. E. Carolyn Tucker, JoAnnette Sabol, Gene Allen, Becky Burgett, Phyllis Lawson, Eddie Cornett and Dennis Smith. Back row: Ambrose Wilson, William Owens, Ann Porter, Frank McGuire, Phyllis Young, David Webster, Delmar Mahan, Tom Blankenship, Durward Narramore, Allen Kennedy, Jeff Eaton, Ronnie Holmes, Linda Duncan, Eugene Peel and Executive Director Bill Scott. Not pictured are Fern Reed, Catina Hasty, Mike Allen, Scott Burrows, Dr. Michael Turner and Mike Wilson.

They represent a variety of backgrounds, locations throughout the Commonwealth and degrees of board experience. All bring their own personal perspective to the KSBA Board of Directors.

These individuals have shown outstanding commitment to the duties of a member of the association board. They often sacrifice time to be actively involved and many travel long distances to participate in the board’s activities. Both directors-at-large and regional chairpersons serve three-year terms.

I personally feel that they all value the benefits they have received simply by being a part of the governing body of KSBA, as well as from associating with other board members from all over Kentucky.

The duties of these individuals are varied and significant. They are charged with the responsibility of hiring the executive director, setting the salary and evaluating him or her.  Other responsibilities of the board of directors include (but are not limited to):

• Setting strategic goals and directions for the association

• Adopting policies for the association

• Approving and monitoring the annual budget

• Adopting a legislative program

• Adopting the services and programs of the association

Each director also serves on one of three standing committees – Planning and Program Development, Performance Oversight/Monitoring, and External/Member Relations. The chairman of each of these committees, plus the three officers, comprise the Governance Committee.

The opportunity always exists for interested individuals to consider seeking one of these positions. Considerable work and great personal satisfaction await you.

—  Blankenship is president of the Kentucky School Boards Association and vice chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Education

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