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2012 September Advocate

Kentucky School Advocate

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Summer learning lingers
Shelby County educators learned something at summer school – or to be more accurate, they learned something from what happened to their students at summer school. Students in the district’s Summer Reading Academy didn’t just catch up but they sustained the boost they got right into the school year.

Lining up for professional development in Shelby County
Not all professional development is created equal and that became apparent in Shelby County when teachers began lining up for the training offered as part of the district's Summer reading Academy even if they weren't a part of the program.

Transfers to the rescue
Freed up by the legislature two years ago to transfer previously restricted capital funds, school districts have responded with a vengeance. The $52 million that was shifted in the last fiscal year was used to pay for items ranging from the electric bill to parking lot paving.

More than skin deep
Before Caverna Independent High School could begin to improve academically, it faced an ironic hurdle: being named a persistently low-achieving school.  With a new principal on board, the school implemented some strategies that went beyond the feel-good and paved the way for true improvement.

Demographics are not destiny in Caverna
Caverna Independent’s demographics – high poverty and high transience – can be a challenge for educators, but they are taking aim with a combination of teacher training and high expectations.

In Conversation With ... Shannon Stiglitz
on Kentucky’s Tax Reform Commission and what it could mean for schools

Get in line
For years, districts have been discouraged from ranking themselves according to the results of their annual state test scores. With the new assessment system, that will change because its design makes comparisons among districts more valid, state education department officials say.

Multiple choice
Bullitt County Schools developed a whole new academic center to communicate to students that they have a range of choices beyond “go to college or not.” Interest in the district’s new Career Readiness Center demonstrates that students have gotten the message.

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On the Cover
Shelby County Schools’ teacher Dawn Clark leads a group of rising second-graders through a book at the district’s Summer Reading Academy. In its third year, the program has been successful in helping students who were not reading on grade level at the end of the school year to catch up.

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