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4-12 KSBIT Corner

Taking a field trip … be sure students are covered

KSBIT Corner
April 2012

For schools, spring means an increase in field trips, and though mishaps rarely occur, districts need to be sure students are covered by insurance.

If a school district does not have an overall Student Accident Policy, individual schools planning trips can turn to the Kentucky School Boards Insurance Trust (KSBIT) for a blanket accident and medical policy for field trips. There is no charge for this coverage, but it is for academic field trips only.  This coverage does not apply to athletics trips.

The process of obtaining this coverage is easy – there is one application to fill out. This document should be on file at the school needing the coverage. School officials must submit an application for each field trip at least two business days in advance. For a copy of the field trip application or more information, please contact Callie Dezarn.

Students always enjoy the opportunity take field trips, but districts must be sure their schools and students are prepared for a safe trip with the right type of insurance coverage.

— For more information, contact your KSBIT loss control representative at 1-800-876-4552.

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