6-12 KSBIT Corner

6-12 KSBIT Corner

It may be summer break but your custodians are hard at work

The playgrounds are quiet, the parking lots are empty, and the teachers are taking a needed break prior to starting next year’s lesson plans. But inside school buildings, custodians and maintenance personnel are preparing the building for the start of another school year.
Safe work practices are essential during the summer months. Kentucky school administrators must stay vigilant on their efforts to promote a safe workplace. The Kentucky School Boards Insurance Trust has noticed an increase in certain types of injuries during the summer break. Back injuries and slips/falls increase during the summer months. 

Workers’ compensation claims result from injuries employees receive while moving furniture and slipping and falling while stripping wax and applying wax in the hallways. 
To increase safety awareness, KSBIT loss control specialists recommend these proactive measures:
•  Educate personnel on proper lifting techniques.

•  Provide equipment such as desk movers and ladders.

•  If lifting equipment is not available, instruct personnel to assist one another when lifting large or bulky items.

•  Nonslip shoes or disposable nonslip booties are recommended when stripping wax and applying wax to the floors.

• A new nonslip wax product is slowly being introduced into schools. The nonslip wax has the same luster as the traditional wax, but will help reduce slips and falls after it is applied.

However, custodians will still be exposed to slip and fall hazards while applying this product.

For more information concerning safety and risk reduction, contact one of KSBIT’s loss control specialists at 1-800-876-4552.

— by Joe Isaacs, KSBIT loss control specialist

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