7-12 KSBIT Corner

7-12 KSBIT Corner

Reducing claims without a full-time safety professional

The logical solution for school system leaders who want to reduce their district’s workers’ compensation and liability claims is to hire a full-time safety professional or risk manager. The funding reality for school districts, however, often resists logic.

The answer to addressing these concerns without adding someone to the payroll is claims awareness. It is common practice in private industry for companies to share their claims data with every employee during the year. Some do it weekly, some monthly and some quarterly, depending on the size of the employer and the amount of claims.

This is usually done via email; however, some still send out paper copies to all employees. The thinking behind it is that as employees continue to read descriptions of claims, over months and years the data will sink in. As workers encounter situations similar to those in the future, they will remember seeing the previous claims and it will help them act in a safe manner.

KSBIT members can access their claims and descriptions online and print them out to be scanned and emailed to all employees. Individual principals also can review these claims with school staff.
Reducing claims results in reduced premiums, employees spending more time with students and schools relying less on substitutes. Premiums can be reduced enough to allow a district to hire needed employees — maybe even that safety or risk management professional.

— J. Brian Dickey, director of loss control, KSBIT

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