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Do you want the people who make spending decisions in Kentucky schools to pay attention to your products or services?

Our readers pay attention to what’s in the Kentucky School Advocate, and they mean business. Focus groups of board members and superintendents have told us that the main reasons they read the Kentucky School Advocate are to learn about what other school districts are doing, to find out more about successful practices and programs, and to get coverage of education issues.

This means our readers are focused intently on our content – and will bring that kind of attention to your advertising. Our readers aren’t looking for fluff.

The Kentucky School Advocate, a 24-page monthly magazine produced by the Kentucky School Boards Association, is read by:
  • The state’s nearly 900 school board members in 173 school districts. School board members set their district’s policy, oversee its budget, are responsible for school construction and maintenance and make purchasing decisions.*
  • Kentucky’s 173 school superintendents. Superintendents are the CEO’s of their districts, responsible for the day-to-day operations ranging from transportation to technology.*
  • A wide range of others with an interest in public schools, including state legislators, school district business officers and other administrators and educational cooperative directors.*

Contacts: Rachel Noble, Madelynn Coldiron

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