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KSBA Advocacy Overview

The Kentucky School Boards Association advocacy efforts focus on the various committees, boards and organizations that relate to elementary and secondary education in the Commonwealth, including legislative committees, the Kentucky Board of Education and the state Department of Education. Areas of interest have historically included:

  • The responsibilities and duties of local boards of education.
  • State support of education, including funding.
  • Operation of school districts.
  • Attendance.
  • Curriculum.
  • Transition readiness.
  • Pupil transportation.
  • School property and buildings.
  • Teachers' qualifications, certification and retirement.
  • Technical education.
On the federal level, KSBA works with our congressional delegation and the U.S. Department of Education to advance student success and the federal investment in our schools.

Click here to review KSBA guiding principles that help to inform the association's position on proposed legislation.

View KSBA's legislative priories for the current year's Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly. 

“If . . . we forget the children, and, in the slightest degree, fail to appreciate the obligations of the State to provide sufficient facilities for training them to be good citizens, we will . . . receive in the great hereafter anathemas, and not ascriptions of praise; and our work, however good in other respects . . . will undoubtedly, be condemned.”   

- Delegate William M. Beckner, explaining Section 183 at the Constitutional Convention on March 9, 1891

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