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Becky Burgett, Regional Director

Becky Burgett is a Gallatin County school board member

Please share why you decided to run for your local school board.
Years ago, when I realized not all children have advocates in their educational journey, I transitioned from PTA leadership to the Board of Education. Over the years, I've been lucky to work with and learn from admirable leaders, and I've learned so much about the importance of teamwork in our work of supporting a robust education for each student. It truly takes a village and I'm very proud of our outstanding staff and the work they do each day.

What is your favorite thing about serving on your local board?    
When five diverse people are able to come together respectfully, have discussion that leads to providing resources and programs that elevate opportunities for students, it's very rewarding. I also really enjoy hearing from our student board member and having the student perspective at the table, especially when we lose focus. Regular recognition of our students and staff is also a great reminder of why we are there. 

What activities do you enjoy doing outside your board work?     
I enjoy reading a good book, especially out in the yard during spring, summer and fall. I also enjoy exploring local parks and enjoying nature, and the grandchildren are always entertaining.

Name someone in your life you admire, or who inspired or helped you along the way.    
When I joined the Board, a local member, David Morris, was chairman. Even before I joined the Board, I admired David's professional demeanor and ability to make everyone feel included and welcomed at meetings, audience included. We worked together for several years, and I often rely on my fond memories of how he handled the business of our work, with respectful and inclusive demeanor, especially when we hit a rough spot. I also remember how abruptly he shut down anyone in the audience who was disrespectful or inappropriate. He set the leadership bar high and I'm better for it. 

Name a book/magazine/website/publication/etc. that you would recommend to other school board members.
Experience Life & Success magazine

Please share something about yourself that most people may not know. 
I married my high school boyfriend after we broke up in high school and each of us married someone else. We found ourselves single again in 1983 and have been married 40 years now.
Becky Burgett
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