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Voice Recognition

Brenda Rose, Regional Director

Brenda Rose is a Whitley County school board member

Please share why you decided to run for your local school board.
I retired from the Whitley County School District and want to stay involved in the education of our students.  I value the opportunity to serve our community and our students as we continue to provide a quality education and strive to provide our students with more opportunities to be productive members of society.  Whether it is college or career ready, I want our students to graduate with the what they need to continue on to the next level as young adults. Today's students are our future. #ColonelPride 

What is your favorite thing about serving on your local board?    
It is extremely gratifying when our board has plans to provide additional opportunities for our students and see those plans succeed. I love hearing success stories from our students.  When a high school student shares how they got a head start on their college credits, or an elementary students learns to read and is so excited, or when a struggling student finds their "wow" moment and succeeds are all part of the bigger picture.  I am glad to be part of our board team. All our board members donate all their stipends for scholarships for our high school seniors. 

What activities do you enjoy doing outside your board work?     
I love: playing piano, sharing Jesus. being part of the Southeastern KY Walk to End Alzheimer's Committee, spending time with grandchildren, working jigsaw puzzles, watching our farm animals play, playing Spider Solitaire and being a listener. 

Name someone in your life you admire, or who inspired or helped you along the way.    
Only choosing one, I would have to say my mom.  My mom passed away February 24, 2007 at the age of 87.  She was a former school teacher and Sunday School teacher.  She was very active and still driving her truck until she broke her hip at the age of 85.  My mom was a widow for over 23 years and was so independent and would call and check on her neighbors and friends on a daily basis. She was always available to help others and I strive to be more like her.  

Name a book/magazine/website/publication/etc. that you would recommend to other school board members
"How Not To be a Terrible School Board Member"

Please share something about yourself that most people may not know. 
I still own a 1968 Mustang my dad bought for me in 1972 as a senior in high school.  I love my Mustang although it is terribly hard to drive - no power brakes, no power steering, no air conditioning. It is a workout to drive. 
Brenda Rose
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