Dr. Michael Kuduk, Clark County

Dr. Michael Kuduk, Clark County

Dr. Michael Kuduk, Clark County

Dr. Michael Kuduk, Clark County Flower power

Clark County school board chairman Dr. Michael Kuduk has stopped to smell the roses. And the peonies. And the irises and daylilies. And most of all, the daffodils.

Kuduk and his wife, Lisa, have over 400 varieties of daffodils planted among the 2 acres that surround their house on their 15-acre farm.

“Both my wife and I are on the board for the American Daffodil Society” he said. “Many of the daffodils we grow were hybridized 80, 90, 100 years ago and they’re still really vigorous and strong and give really good color. We like historic daffodils in particular. It’s pretty cool to grow something that’s been around 100-plus years.”

The five-year board member recently got some excess seedlings from a Michigan grower and gave each of Clark County’s elementary schools 500 daffodil bulbs, and not simply to beautify school grounds.

The Kuduks designed a project-based learning curriculum for all grade levels – approved by the National Daffodil Society – around daffodils. Students can use math skills, for example, to calculate the amount of bulbs that can be planted in a space.

The couple also raise and show peonies (30-40 varieties), irises (20-30 cultivars), dahlias (100 plants) and daylilies (50-60 types). They gave up most of their roses, concerned about the amount of chemicals and time involved in growing that species.

Kuduk, a pediatrician, said he enjoys bringing his flowers to shows to exhibit. “We’re a little competitive,” he said. “Also, it’s fun to hang out with certain people that share an interest that you have.”
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