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Kathleen Price, Regional Director

Kathleen Price is a Martin County school board member

Please share why you decided to run for your local school board.
I decided to run for the school board because I wanted to make an improvement in our local schools. I want every child to be college or career ready.

What is your favorite thing about serving on your local board?
My favorite thing about serving on my local school board is getting to be involved in making decisions for the future of our children and grandchildren.

What activities do you enjoy doing outside your board work?  
I enjoy spending time with my family and being involved with my church and community events.

Name someone in your life you admire, or who inspired or helped you along the way.    
The person I admire is my late husband, Andy Price. He was always there to support me in any way I needed and he encouraged me to do anything I had my heart set on.

Name a book/magazine/website/publication/etc. that you would recommend to other school board members.
Local newspapers

Please share something about yourself that most people may not know.
I was number 10 of 12 children and the first to graduate high school.
Kathleen Price
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