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Medicaid Billing

KSBA Medicaid Reimbursement Program

For more than 20 years, KSBA has helped Kentucky school districts maximize Medicaid reimbursements for special education services such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing care, audiology, the purchase of assistive technology devices and special transportation. The use of custom software — ezEdMed — helps school districts to easily and efficiently manage their special education-related services and maintain IDEA compliance. It is more than a claim-entry service —it is a time-saving management tool for the school district’s staff and administrators.

KSBA offers in-service training (CEU/EILA credit), on-site, interactive video modules and Zoom conferencing with easy-to-use reference manuals. Currently, 153 school districts receive reimbursement of special education related service costs by participating through KSBA membership. More than 4,000 therapists and teachers use EzEdMed daily to document therapy and progress monitoring for their special education students.

Medicaid Billing Program Features

  • Provides online caseload management for scheduling students according to IEP
  • Documentation, progress monitoring with seamless extraction of data for Medicaid claims
  • Enables data tracking and graphing of goals and objectives for IEP students
  • Exports pdf documents and graphs for easy upload to Infinite Campus
  • Interfaces with Kentucky Medicaid for monthly capture of eligible student data
  • Obtains prior authorization numbers for Medicaid students through KYHealthNet
  • Provides robust reporting for managing compliance, performance and reimbursements KSBA’s commitment also includes assisting districts with annual KDE and Medicaid recertification and disclosure forms. KSBA researches and provides data for monitoring reviews and audits. Subscribers receive support and consultation from Kentucky-based experienced professionals via toll free phone and email. 

For more information
Barbara Tumolo-Wash, School-Based Health Services Coordinator
[email protected]

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