Outsourcing online extra

Outsourcing online extra

Guidelines for outsourcing school support services
Kentucky School Advocate
October 2016 
In their work, “Guide to Contracting Out School Support Services: Good for the School? Good for the Community,” William J. Mathis and Lorna Jimerson recommend that school leaders take several steps before making a decision on contracting out a service.
• Analyze why outsourcing is being considered and whether the issues prompting it might be better resolved in house.

• Analyze all costs involved in contractor proposals including administrative, indirect and hidden.

• Weigh the “social costs,” such as economic effect on employees and community and possible fallout in school-community relations.

• Find out if there are enough qualified bidders to be competitive.

Once a decision has been made to outsource, steps to take include using an independent resource to help develop a request for proposals and not a vendor’s model, checking with other districts about the contractor’s performance in addition to the listed references, and parse cancellation clauses.
To read the full report, click here.

Mathis and Jimerson also wrote an article on this topic for The School Administrator magazine.
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