Publications for purchase

Publications for purchase

KSBA offers a variety of publications to help local school board members better serve their communities. Publications include the Open Meetings Act Guide, Kentucky Student Discipline Desk Reference and our School Law Resource. Descriptions are available below. 
For more information, or to coordinate an order of any of the following resources, please contact Alicia Lombardi at 502-783-2718 or via email.

Resource Materials

  • Kentucky Student Discipline Desk Reference 

    Since the 1980s, the Kentucky School Boards Association has provided up-to-date information on laws related to student discipline in Kentucky for school district leaders in the Commonwealth. This comprehensive edition is written by KSBA Staff Attorney John Fogle (last updated in Summer 2017).  Price: $100 per copy

  • Kentucky Open Meetings Act Guide
    New edition available August 2019 
  • School Law Resources
    Take advantage of this electronic subscription service that will give you access to AG opionions, frequently asked questions, bulletins and timely information pertaining to the latest in school law. 
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