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KSBA Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles, formally adopted by KSBA’s board of directors in 2022, inform the association’s position in support of or in opposition to proposed legislation.

  • KSBA supports policies that strengthen local control and decision-making authority in school governance and opposes proposals that may diminish or remove local control.
  • KSBA supports continuous operational improvements of our common schools, to help all children in Kentucky develop the required capacities for learning.
  • KSBA supports policies and initiatives that better prepare our youngest children for success at the K-12 level and beyond.
  • KSBA supports providing school boards and their districts with full funding of all specific funding formulas.
  • KSBA will continue to advocate for the removal of, or adequate funding for, currently unfunded mandates.
  • KSBA opposes any proposal that would violate federal law or the state constitution.
  • KSBA opposes any proposed legislation that would require school boards to expend additional financial resources without the state providing those necessary resources.
  • KSBA opposes (re)directing public funds to K-12 schools outside the common school system.
View KSBA's legislative priories for the current year's Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly.
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