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16 October Advocate

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October 2016
Incumbents: less interest?
The percentage of school board incumbents filing for re-election this year was at its lowest point in 20 years, but plenty of newcomers proved their interest, indicating there is no clear-cut trend at work, at least not yet.

Spousal support and other oddities
School board filings this year included three people seeking seats held by their non-filing spouses. The crop of would-be newcomers also includes three former superintendents and a challenger who wants her district to merge with another.

Book it
Allen County schools didn’t need to add on any square footage when they increased the size of their libraries. That’s because of a partnership with the public library that gives all students access to its contents right there at school.

Safe travels
How are schools teaching students to avoid the potholes and read the road signs along the information superhighway? The Digital Driver’s License is an increasingly popular way to do it.

Ins and outs of outsourcing
When Kentucky school systems look at outsourcing services, it’s generally custodial work. Districts that have done so – or come close – share their experiences, along with some implementation tips and warnings about potential pitfalls.
Hybrid outsourcing
It doesn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to outsourcing a school service or function. Some Kentucky districts have combined outside workers with their own staff in providing custodial services.
In their work, “Guide to Contracting Out School Support Services: Good for the School? Good for the Community,” William J. Mathis and Lorna Jimerson recommend that school leaders take several steps before making a decision on contracting out a service.

Some new blood
KSBA’s Fall Regional Meetings are continuing this month, but elections at three of those meetings that took place in late August and early September have changed the makeup of the KSBA Board of Directors.
KSBA Fall Regional Meetings: On the road for leading and learning
At the halfway point of KSBA’s 12 Fall Regional Meetings, hundreds of school board members and superintendents have been treated to evenings of good food, entertainment and, most importantly, opportunities to weigh in on key education issues facing Kentucky schools.
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On The Cover
Ashley Spears, Allen County Intermediate Center’s librarian, works with sixth-grader Tristan Fields on the district’s new library system. A new partnership with the Allen County Public Library gives all students in the district access to all the resources at the local public library. Read more about the One Library partnership here.
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