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18 September Advocate

September 2018 cover
Kentucky School Advocate
September 2018 
Taxes over time
Last month and this month, Kentucky’s school boards have been setting their new property tax rates. What are the factors they consider? We looked at the data showing the tax options school boards have taken over the past decade.

School district leaders weigh in on the kind of communication needed before a school board approves a higher tax rate – and what they’re up against.

Still going strong
There were plenty of issues churning that could have turned off school board candidates – a new filing requirement, budget issues and attacks on public education – but it didn’t make a dent in the number of incumbents filing for re-election, or newcomers challenging them.
Creating good citizens
All of the eligible students at two Kentucky high schools were registered to vote during the 2017-18 school year, thanks to a combination of grassroots effort, awareness through academics and, in one case, a class requirement. And for more on student civic engagement, see this month’s In Conversation With.

Put it to the test
Starting with this school year, Kentucky high schoolers will have to pass a civics test to graduate. Some schools even got the jump on the requirement last year. How difficult is the test? See if you can answer 15 of its questions.

Technology vulnerability 
Someday, artificial intelligence may enable computers to maintain themselves. Until then, Kentucky schools are in danger of having plenty of technology, but insufficient staff to maintain and update it, and keep devices protected.
A new era of civic engagement by students? Given rallies against school violence, voter registration drives and now a new requirement to pass a civics test to receive a high school diploma, the answer points to yes. This issue profiles voter registration and civics education at two high schools, and takes a look at the new test requirement.
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