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Application Instructions and FAQ's

Welcome to the KSBA electronic Superintendent Search Application Process.

Because all applications are now generated electronically, you will be able to create an application and keep it on file in your “application bank” until you are ready to apply for a vacancy. This should enhance the application process for you. You can also just generate an application for a specific district or if you have an application in “your bank” and are ready to apply to a specific district, you can select any application in your bank and make any changes you would like. This process will allow you to individualize your application for each district without having to complete a new application all over again. Additionally, you will no longer be required to send multiple copies of your application to KSBA for each search.

(Before you begin the Application Process) make sure you have electronic copies in PDF or Word format of the following:
  • Certification
  • Letters of recommendation (in one file)
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
 If you have an issue with these electronic copies, contact MerryAnn Marshall at 502-783-1016.

Creating your FIRST Application

At the end of the instructions you will select the link to perform the following steps:
  1. At the login screen select –“No I am new and want to create an account”.
  2. When login is complete you will have a profile screen to complete.
  3. Following profile completion you will come to a screen where you will either select  “Create an application to be placed on file” or Select – the district for which you wish to apply
  4. Complete your application
  5. Once your application is complete, select “submit” to save your application in your bank or to send your application to KSBA for the selected district search.
  6. For assistance contact MerryAnn Marshall at 502-783-1016.
  7. When you are ready to create your application, click on this link to get started.

Creating Additional Applications

If you have previously created an application either for your “bank” or for an application to a specific district, then at the end of the instructions you will select the link to perform the following steps.

  1. Select “Yes, I have a password” then enter your login information.
  2. After login is complete, select “use this application to create new” from one of your previously completed applications.
  3. Select district you wish to apply to.
  4. Make edits/changes to individualize this application for your new district and select,” submit”.
  5. For assistance contact MerryAnn Marshall at 502-783-1016.
  6. Click on this link to get started.


Q. – Who can I talk to if I have questions or need assistance?
A. – MerryAnn Marshall at 502-783-1016

Q. – Can I print a blank copy of the application so I can make a rough draft of my answers?
A. – Yes, by going to the Superintendent Search tab and selecting “Superintendent Application”.

Q. – Can I just send in hard copies?
A. – No, all applications are being handled electronically.

Q. – What do I do if I am in the middle of filling out the application and I need to quit?
A. – Your application will be saved automatically each time you click the “Next” button while filling out the application. When you return, you will find your partially completed application in your bank with a status of “Pending.” To continue filling out the application, click the “Edit” link.

Q. – Is there anything I need to complete besides the electronic application and the eight questions?
A. – Yes. You will need to have electronic copies in PDF format or Word of your certification, letters of recommendation (in one file), cover letter and resume.

Q. – What do I do if I just want my application saved in my application bank?
A. – Refer to Creating Your First Application; Select:

  1. “Create application to be placed on file."
  2. Complete application
  3. Submit

Q. – What if I want to edit an application I already have completed and then submit to another district vacancy?

Q. – Once I have submitted an application for a specific district how will I know that KSBA has received it?
A. – You will get an email confirmation that your application has been submitted successfully.

Q. – Does my information stay confidential and secure?
A. - Your information will be stored in our secured database and is released with your permission to school district where you applied.

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