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Energy Management Resources

In an effort to reduce the rising energy costs that are straining school budgets, the Kentucky General Assembly enacted KRS 160.325 in 2008. This statute requires:
Mandatory annual filing of a state-wide report with the Department for Energy Development and Independence (DEDI) and the Legislative Research Commission on the status and development of energy management plans by boards of education and the anticipated savings to be obtained by those plans.
To comply with the statute, boards of education adopted an Energy Management Policy (05.23) that required the superintendent/designee to develop an energy management plan (EMP) for Board approval and to oversee the implementation and maintenance of the plan.  
The compilation of this report has provided the General Assembly and the Energy and Environment Cabinet:  the status of energy management implementation across Kentucky’s public K-12 schools; the progress districts are making in enacting board policy and statutes; and, the energy challenges public schools face going forward.  
Please use the FY2018 EMR template found below to submit your 2018 fiscal year Energy Management Report (EMR).  Your district Energy Manager or the person responsible for your Energy Management Plan should have the details required for completing your template.
This year’s process has changed considerably:
The KPPC at the University of Louisville has been designated to collect the state-wide data.  Completed reports should be emailed no later than October 19, 2018, to: [email protected], using a standard subject heading, 2018 EMR: District Name (for example, 2018 EMR Survey: Trimble County Schools).  
Questions regarding the report submittal should be addressed to:  Debbie Elswick with KPPC at [email protected] or (502) 852-0965.

Below are resources to assist in managing your energy resources.

2017 School Energy Management Report

2017 Energy Management Report
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