Clinic Sessions A

Clinic Sessions A

Friday, March 2 | 3:15-4:30 p.m.

Board Members & Constituents: The Ethical Edge
A1 (Repeated as B1, C1) | Level I required topic Ethics
Meets mandated ethics training requirement
Handling constituent requests can be a simple matter – or a much tougher call, often involving ethical choices for the elected board member. This class is based on more than two decades of observing and counseling board members with some often dicey situations for “servant leaders.”

Finance III: Dollars and Decisions
A2 | Level III required topic School Finance 
Counts toward mandated finance training requirement
This session extends the budgeting and resource allocation down to the school level.  Participants learn how policy and discretionary decisions impact funding for instructional resources at the school level, including classroom sizes and instructional material. Participants see how the budget extends to the procurement and payment process and get a short overview of restricted funds and the scope of the annual audit.

The Basics of Superintendent Evaluation  
A3 | Level II required topic Superintendent Evaluation
Meets mandated superintendent evaluation training requirement
This session is designed for board members new to the Superintendent Professional Growth and Effectiveness System. It focuses on the importance of superintendent evaluation and provides an overview of the process and the instrument. Find out how the superintendent evaluation may be used as a model for growth, district improvement and as a way to build a positive board-superintendent relationship.

Charter Application Process and Decision Making
A4 (Repeated as B4) | Charter authorizer training credit pending approval
Recognizing the importance of a high-quality charter application process, the Kentucky Board of Education adopted the Kentucky Charter School Application, a comprehensive model document to be used by charter authorizers and applicants statewide. Attendees are introduced to the mandated application and learn best practices in conducting a rigorous evaluation process and due diligence.

What Board Members Need to Know About Transportation
A5  | A/S Level II required topic Student Learning & Support
Join KSBA Policy staff and KDE staff to discuss the policies and procedures districts are required to have in place for student transportation. This session also covers potential liabilities districts may face and best practices.

The New Accountability System:  An Update for School Board Members
A6 | A/S Level II required topic Student Assessment
Kentucky continues to transition to the state’s new accountability system that emphasizes closing achievement gaps and ensuring schools are looking at the whole child. The accountability system must undergo an approval process at the federal and state levels that is expected to provide further refinements. Learn about the current status of the accountability system, assessment plans for 2017-18 and 2018-19 and discuss some basic questions school board members might be asking about the new system as they work within their districts. 

Effective and Efficient Digital Collaboration
A7 | A/S Level I required topic Staff/Media/Community Relations
With time and budget constraints, school leaders must find innovative ways to collaborate with colleagues. Learn more effective ways to communicate with all stakeholders and improve transparency using various digital tools.

The True Achievement Gap: Whole Child Supports for Student Success
A8 | A/S Level III required topic Student Health and Wellness
Our Children, Our Commonwealth are more than words on the Kentucky Department of Education’s new logo.  KDE’s focus on the whole child is clear with the state’s new accountability system. This session covers opportunities for district leadership in prioritizing student and staff wellness, including the federal updates to local wellness policy. The state’s efforts to implement the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model also is discussed.

Developing an Equity Policy for Your District
A9 | A/S Level I required topic The Board’s Role in Student Achievement
Districts across the country are recognizing the need for an equity policy to ensure that all students are receiving the resources they need to achieve at their highest potential. This session digs beyond the need to have an equity policy and outlines practical strategies that can be used to create a policy that addresses district needs. Attendees are provided with tools and action steps to take back to their districts for immediate implementation.

The Profile of a Shelby County Graduate
A10 | A/S Level III required topic Curriculum & Instruction
After months of gathering input and feedback from multiple stakeholders, Shelby County Public Schools’ Profile of a Graduate was released to the public. The reaction was positive, and the process and product attracted national attention. Come and learn about the district’s journey in creating this tool and how it is impacting teaching and learning.

Pension Reform – Now What?
A superintendent and finance director investigate the implications of pension reform on district finances and school board decision-making. Discussion covers budgeting, staffing allocations and long-term planning as they pertain to the larger goal of student achievement. The session is designed for districts of all sizes.

Student Engagement and a Community Arts Model
The Oldham County Schools Arts Center is groundbreaking for demonstrating how a district can effectively provide artistic opportunities to nurture its students and the community. Participants learn how the school board’s vision to adopt an innovative community model offering a diverse arts curriculum has made a life-changing impact on thousands of students.
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