Clinic Sessions B

Clinic Sessions B

Saturday, March 3 | 10:15-11:30 a.m.

Board Members & Constituents: The Ethical Edge 
B1 (Repeated as A1, C1) | Level I required topic Ethics
Meets mandated ethics training requirement
Handling constituent requests can be a simple matter – or a much tougher call, often involving ethical choices for the elected board member. This class is based on more than two decades of observing and counseling board members with some often dicey situations for “servant leaders.” 

The Biggest Piece of the Budget Pie: Salaries & Benefits
B2 (Repeated as D1) |  Level III required topic School Finance 
Counts toward mandated finance requirement
State laws and local board policies call for Kentucky school boards to set the qualifications, duties and compensation for all school district employees. This session helps board members better understand the budget impact of salaries and benefits, salary schedules, staff funding sources, types of salary schedules, additional staff pay, and  benefits for both certified and classified staff.

Essentials of Effective Evaluations  
B3 (Repeated as D3) | Level II required topic Superintendent Evaluation
Meets mandated superintendent evaluation training requirement
One of the most important responsibilities of Kentucky school board members is to hire and evaluate the district superintendent. Effective evaluation takes planning, preparation and board/superintendent team conversations. This session helps board members find answers to essential questions such as why, what and how, while exploring skills necessary to become effective evaluators in an effective process.  

Charter Application Process and Decision Making
B4 (Repeated as A4) | Charter authorizer training credit pending approval
Recognizing the importance of a high-quality charter application process, the Kentucky Board of Education adopted the Kentucky Charter School Application, a comprehensive model document to be used by charter authorizers and applicants statewide. Attendees are introduced to the mandated application and learn best practices in conducting a rigorous evaluation process and due diligence.

Nickel Know-How
B5 | Level III required topic School Finance 
Counts toward mandated finance training requirement
Securing revenue for capital construction is vital for many superintendents and board teams. The presenter has led two successful nickel levies, yielding $70 million in bonding potential to build schools in two very different communities. Discussion focuses on strategies to help districts successfully levy a recallable nickel.

Authentic Student and Parent Engagement
B6 | A/S Level I required topic The Board’s Role in Student Achievement 
This session will help participants gain an understand the centrality of student and parent voice to discussions and policy development involving equity issues. Examples will be provided on how to facilitate authentic engagement between the board/district and its students and families.

Facing the Future Together: Policy and Procedures
Board members who have ever asked themselves what information should go into a policy and/or a procedure should attend this session to engage and interact with the KSBA Policy team. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when considering a policy or procedure change, as the staff can assist boards and districts with samples and suggestions. Bring questions and let the policy team help! 

From Priority to Distinction: Focus, Strategy and Vision
Learn how Fleming County Schools and its board of education went from state assistance to an accredited and distinguished district in Kentucky by focusing on student achievement and strategic processes. The team shares the district’s quarterly report, formative quality review and the many recognized, effective processes in the district.

Community Collaboration: Warren County Preschool and The Foundry Christian Center
B9 | A/S Level II required topic Student Learning & Support Services
The Foundry and WCPS shared a vision: to transform the community, one child and family at a time. WCPS placed a highly qualified educator in child care set in an area plagued with the highest crime and unemployment rates. Learn about the outcomes, budget, staffing, facilities, operations and potential for sustainability. 

Adapting – Finding Hidden Savings in Difficult Times
Cost savings and increased revenue for Kentucky school districts are the results of four years of applied research through the Process Improvement and Performance Excellence (PIPE) Program. Find out how to get these financial benefits, which require understanding and support from school boards and superintendents. 

Adapting Career and Technical Education to the New Economy
B11 | A/S Level III required topic Curriculum & Instruction
Many small towns are experiencing “brain drain”: Their students graduate, move away to college, find work in larger cities and don’t return home. Learn how Paducah Independent Schools are building an Innovation Hub that aligns community resourses, education and businesses to provide students with the career paths that connect to local employers.

The Role of School Board Members in Reducing District Excellence Gaps
B12 | A/S Level I required topic The Board’s Role in Student Achievement 
Only 3 percent of Kentucky’s low-income fourth-graders and 2 percent of low-income eighth-graders scored advanced on national assessments. This is one example of the seriousness of excellence gaps in this state. Come to this session and learn why this is important and how to help. Resources are available.
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